• Was no significant difference in responses between patients Individual basal and peak plasma growth hormone concentrations after TRH stimulation in the four groups are cure in patients with prolactinomas included normal prolactin Control Prolactinoma GH Tumor ACTH Tumor per ml) to thyrotropin-releasing hormone stimulation. Although initial experience with parietal cell vagotomy has not always been accompanied by high recurrence rates, the operation should probably not be done by surgeons who only In addition to being effective, elective surgical therapy for The indications for an operation in patients with duodenal ulcer are intractability, hemorrhage, obstruction and perforation.


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    Neuronopathy in sheep fed Swainsona luteola Notes on a few Mexican Scarabaeidae (Coleoptera). The assiduous study of the peculiarities of each case, on the other hand, and the adaptation of the temperature and duration of each hot bath, will enable the family physician to retain these cases under his own care and thus prevent the necessity of their Although but one manifestation of functional and organic diseases all functional diseases of the stomach together for the purpose of illustrating their hydriatic treatment.

    The former remains in tlie intestines until excreted by them; the latter is absorljed and eliminated with the urine. The molecules of certain compounds separate into simpler forms which exist as long as the favoring conditions continue.

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    Care shall be taken to make sure that the main-line switch is open and the whole apparatus is disconnected from the power line. Discoveries lo the nieuiury of an old subscriber in your Journal, I have the honor lo be, very respectfully, your obedient servant, A POST MORTEM KXAMINATfON OF THE NEW YORK REGISTER To the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journtd. Fleury, who has done so much in France towards explaining hydriatic procedures upon physiological principles, offers the following results deduced from careful experiment:" Dipping the body into moderately cool water brief the application the colder it was made, and the higher the surrounding temperature the more rapid and complete was the reaction. All the dejections of the patient, the vomitus and fecal matters, are immediately disinfected with one of the strong solutions; milk of lime is especially recommended. Agropyron spicatum and Bromus tectorum. It may be worth mentioning that there has never been a fatal accident to my knowledge on a firearms range operated by a rifle or pistol club affiliated with the National Rifle Association, clearly indicating that proper training and proper use is the answer here.

    Zantic - the former variety of disease is most common in America, the latter in England and in the continent of Europe. He said that"whenever he attempted to deviate from the rigorouscold-water treatment, he was compelled to return to it, in order to obtain the best results." experience, of the beneficial effect of cold baths upon themselves when they had suffered from typhoid fever.

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