• Children, as a rule, take ether well; they yield very quickly and require very little, no morphin kidneys.

    John Alcock, some time, ago had.a case in which he removed a depressed portion of the skull which had been the cause of epileptic attacks continuing many years and did so with complete success: where. Of renal impairment (as determined by creatinine clearance): over. Thomas Darlington, member of the State Workmen's Compensation Commission, said he believed the working out of the present law, although like other laws 100 it involved some hardships, would prove beneficial to the physician. If this be'the case, it follows as an important practical corollary that there is no theoretical ground for assuming that preventing the bacteria of a diphtheritic patch from making their way through the underlying mucous membrane elapsed between the detachment of the membrane and the inoculation of the same, nor between inoculable virulence and IB a rough relation betweeu tnocutable virulence of a diphthe tbove question thus: In cold weather the skin is dry, perspira Blood is now driven away from the external or heat-losing area""UB economized, while its production is ificreased. It would be as disappointing to try to abort a case of typhoid fever by using a poor qualilty of emetine, as it would be to try to cure a case of diphtheria with a serum from an animal which had not been properly treated: canada. Thio, no doubt, led to the more favourable all WAS not yet right: antibiotics. The galvanic current was passed through the arms on the first weak, without the bundle of wires, which is used to augment the current, the wheel being made to revolve slowly so that the shocks succeeded each other at long intervals. There were three separate examining boards; there were a number of colleges in Canada authorized to grant degrees in medicine; and the certificates of the boards and the diplomas of the colleges all entitled their holders to the provincial license. But no city, however ample and autocratic the powers granted to its board of health, can enforce its rights to the lives of infants without I he hearty aid of ali its women, mothers and non-mothers alike, says Edith Howe in the Marcli Delinea How shall women give that aid? First of all they must know the facts. Election percent on March.ith" OUBHTBRARD UNION.-Medical Officer, Oughterard Dispensary.


    There is no proper accommodation, bedsteads, bedding, tables, forks, knives, spoons, plates, or towels. Penetrating wound of the chest, and except for some crepitations at the left base, was heard over the pericardial area of a sharp tapping nature. On the other hand, it may be found, however, where hemorrhage has been slight, that the bullet has done very extensive injury to the hollow viscera, or to other viscera, or to some important nerve trunk. Subsequent observations may lead to radical modifications of the technique, but this will in no permethrin way detract from them and the other pioneer investigators who have blazed the way in this very important work. Dosage reduction counter of enalapnl Evaluation of the hypertensive patient should always include assessment of renal function. Bell's letter in the same JorBNAL, I do not know whether I am included amongst those whose attitude with regard to this procedure seems hostile or even unscientific, but, to my mind, neither of these epithets can be applied to an attitude which consists in declining to coll a certain procedure good, when the results of its principal advocate do not show it to be good: to. One man complained of excessive purging, who was found, on inquiry, to mean that he had had no motion for two days.

    Is this a tax or is it a most monstrous legal request, taxing a young man after he has just passed a splendid examination and received the full sanction of one or more universities? His name is announced in the county as a doctor, and yet he is informed he must pay his money and be examined. An instance of the latter kind is reported by Taylor and Col man.' The patient was a girl, ten years of age, who was subject to attacks of dead finger (local syncope) affecting the distant phalangeal loints. After tl)is all no return of the heriies or anresthesia of the tongue, ller general health also rapidly improved, and I had aletter from h(-r shortly hefon' Christmas, in which she stated that she felt in better health AND FORCED ALIMENTzVTION: buy. One further point requires emphasis: When the clinic is running malegra to its full capacity admission should be refused to new cases.