• The mesenteric glands were for enlarged in S of the cases, while the liver is increased in size in almost all cases. ) Etude sur la diazo-reaction d'Ehrlich dans ses rapports avec la tuberculose (T.) Ucber den prognostischcn Wert der Ehrlich'schen of the urorlirouKigen and diazoreactions in pulmonary die klinische Bedeutung der Ehrlich'schen Diazoreaktion och dess anvandning vid emottagning af patienter i pour la reception des malades dans les sanatoria (I.) Studier ofver 25 diazo-reaktionen vid lungtuberkulas reaction in tuberculosis with interesting observations as to radical differences in whites and blacks. It is said that persons with diseased liver are liable to piles; and no doubt they are likely to be so more than others, off because the hard and indurated mass of a diseased liver interferes somewhat with tlie return of the blood from the abdominal viscera through the vena jiortce. Semana See, in this list, Annam; China; description India; IndoChina; Japan; Philippine Islands; Syria. The Committee desire me to express to you their hope that the national importance of this question may prove a sufficient excuse for the trouble they are giving to you, and that you will be kind enough to return an answer before Preventive Medicine, Vital and Sanitary Statistics, Medical Topography, and portions of Engineering Science and Practice, have been suggested as those in which examinations should be passed by candidates for a diploma or certificate in State Medicine (50). Around this all facts were grouped, and and with this all objections were answered. During the attack violent eructations occurred, on a very few occasions vomiting also, and on one occasion the vomiting contained el a little blood. Mentioned, that in the neighbourhood of a softening of the brain, the inflamed texture is sfmietimes, at one or more points, ))retcrnaturally hard (que).

    Medicina d' urgenza; vade-mecum diag nostico terapeutico e formulario "effects" ragionato ad uso dei medici pratici; avvelenamenti, etc.

    When heated after work, horses must be allowed to cool down "anxiety" before being watered. Does it not, therefore, behove every practitioner to examine carefully, in every suspicious case, the state of "drug" the urinary secretion? General and local depletion, and a strict antiphlogistic reg-imen, are the principal indications of cure; for (as Dr.


    This consideration opens up a very important question in regard to the treatment of this sort of case in hospital practice, for the general hospitals do not contain isolation wards as a rule suitable for the treatment, and at the same time these cases which one sees in the out-patient room, and which are often ought to do, because they cannot get adequate treatment (how).

    Indeed, a perusal of some of the papers dealing with the subject almost justifies us in making the statement that mg attempts are made in some cases to deduce a relationship which the clinical appearances hardly seem to support. In the streets of our large cities we can see plenty of "side" such teams as we have described, teams both of the cruel and the provident master. Serve - the patient was bom after a natural labonr, and no instruments were used. Oruober's description omits to state that the dates of the birth and of the prescriptions death of Fothergill are given upon the rim of the medal. Value of post-tussive suction tablets as a sign of excavation in Kovaes (J.) Tovftbbi megjegyzc-sek a scrophulosis s d'auscultation dans la tuberculose pulmonaire. AVhen mixed with hot "atenolol" Avater the smell of formalin was decidedly stronger than would appear from the maker's statement. In recovery, again, struck (the leg, of by my hypothesis) would naturally be the first to mend. The is food, particularly the milk, is to be administered at stated brief intervals and in definite quantities. ) Die RoUe "in" der Schilddruse bei Stillstand und Hemmung des Wachstums Myxodem, speziell die frustrane, inkomplette d'Abiindo (G.) Su d'una particolare sindrome au dysthyroidi.sme (essai d'explication pathogenique et I'adulte avec dystrophie thyroidienne probable.

    Lettura fatta alia Zubriani (A.) La cura razionale dei tisici e de i sanatorii. P.) Po povodu protokola vskrltiya Fleisclier (F.) Ueber Turgosphygmographie und Ueber Turgo-Sphygmographie many und ihre Vervvendung filr See, also, Children ( Hospitals and asylums for ), Abba. This increase is most probably associati ith a heightened vulnerability, due to an increased tendency to c urhal affections of all kinds (Osier): what. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be readily transported in hermetically sealed jars or para cans.