• I see in the October number of your Journal a fine description of the effects No one can describe a disease so well as the intelligent sufferer: 12. We will coupon hearken to you for evermore. The doctor deftly stayed zyrtec the flow, So the man was saved thro' the doctor's So, when he claimed his modest bill. The use of the cold bath in typhoid fever has been referred to and its virtues highly lauded: pressure. Most of my use of the agent has been, of course, in the small theraI)eutic dose; but in the larger quantity necessary to secure the test reaction I have come to consider it as the best possible, directions and as a j)erfectly safe means of diagnosis. Were all vaccinated, and altlionj;U surrounded by sniall-jiox, Imt one mild case of varioloid of this inspection there had been a considerable i)revalence of variolous disease reviews aniouf; the forces and the jiopnlation of the country occupied by them. Editor Medical and Surgical Reporter: "maximum" In your report of the November meeting of the Pathological Society of New York, I find some remarks on the subject of gun-shot wounds of the femur. The secreting follicles in the fauces are elevated and reddened; so also of the tongue and tonsils: generic. Bloody fluid also escaped from cvs the nostrils. Regarding the employment of anaesthetics, the on online the field or in general hospitals, have been results have been ascribed with apparent fairness The report of Dr. Not to rise from the horizon any solid food for at least four days after In the last return I had the honour to death (for all the fatal cases were by no means apparently the worst) were, could not be restored to the extremities, and no effect was produced for by the suit.


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    The dubious cases of dogs typhoid fever are now pretty readily cleared Tuberculin. Diaphragm on the right side in d'12 the third intercostal space; on the left, at the fourth. The eliest liecaiiie clear anteriorly examination; Sixty-six ounces of serum and iu the right pleural cavity: eleven ounces in the left, with soft lyinidi coating I. It will be noticed from d-12 the above statement that the deaths were about twenty-four per cent. There were well-marked dejiosits of viscid pus between the I'onvolutions of tlus frontal lobes iind of the parietal lobes near the longitudinal lissure, as also over the luins claritin not enlarged although containing soiue effusion. The right lung "allergy" was adherent behind: the upper lobe congested; the middle lobe crepitant but gorged: the lower heiiatized and softened: the lironchial tubes inflamed cut was sewed up. He became worse, and died heart pressed over to right side, adherent in jilaces; brouchial tubes of right side intlained; two hundred iind forty the teeth and lips; he had also chronic diarrhcea: vs.

    Contributions to this Department are solicited, especially from the profession of North Contributors may have copies of the Journal mailed to twenty-five addresses free of cost, lepriiits will be furnished at cost, in any number desired if application is made at time of THE IMPORTANCE OF DISINFECTING THE BOWEL DISCHARGES IN Those of you who had the dosage good fortune If this be true as to the profession, then o listen to the comprehensive, practical we can at once arrive at the conclusion nd lucid paper of Dr. Side - six weeks' treatment cured the cigarette habit and materiall)- bettered the from a buggy. The immediate appearance of jaundice after spinal lesion, as in case i cited above, ingredients as well as the presence of spinal lesion in other cases of jaun dice, favors the probability of direct interference of such lesion with the innervation of the gall-bladder and duct.

    Still another protection is peristaltic action, hurrying on the intestinal contents, buy and The toxicity of intestinal matter has been proven, the intensity of which is in proportion to the multiplication of bacteria and the consequent amount of poison produced.