• The failure to detect second breast cancers at earlier stages and the apparent synchronous nature of breast and bowel malignancies in a significant proportion of patients suggest currently recommended surveillance practices are inadequate. Kortum J,!;, thai it has toxic properties, thinks it preferable to other antiseptics. Men's minds were particularly called to this fact in Great Britain when, during a course of years, the farmers of Yorkshire thought that by without regard to the size of the mare, they could meet the demand in London for great overgrown horses, which it was then the fashion to drive in coaches and other heavy carriages. In anaemic or hydrsemic dropsy we find a history of pre-existing anaemia, absence of proof either of cardiac or renal disease, limitation of the effusion to the subcutaneous connective tissue, only a small amount of fluid, and that usually limited to the regions of the face and ankles, often appearing mainly, or entirely, about the feet in the evening, and about the face in the morning. In old days the Sybarites slept upon mattresses which were stuffed with Rose petals: and the like are now made for persons of rank A memorial brass over the tomb of Abbot Kirton, in Westminster Abbey, bears testimony to the high value" Sis, Rosa, flos llorum, morbis medicina raeorum." Many country persons believe, that if Roses and Violets are plentiful in the autumn, some epidemic may be expected presently. Alight coiigestion, otherwise simple catarrh of the mucous membrane of the intestinal canal, particularly of the colon and rectum. Considerations - he advocates the employment of potassium-iodide and antipyrine in the treatmenl of aneurism of the aorta. The membrane appears online as it does in moist catarrh, dull, lustreless. The morbid process may also pass through the ilustachian tube, with a resulting perforation of the membrana tympani and a subsequent purulent discharge from the ear. Its leaves have been mistaken for Parsley, and The CEnanthe Phelkmdnum (Water Fennel) is a variety of the same species, but with finer leaves. The anatomical changes diminish in intensity and extent from below upward; they are more advanced in the rectum and sigmoid flexure. So far, culturing the bacillus using conditions favoring growth of the cat-scratch disease bacillus has proved difficult.

    Sixteen cases are reported; in amlodipine no case was the result unsatisfactory. Such a case is no more remarkable than any other of multiple aneurism. Ramifying from these left nerves form the oesophageal plexus, which gives movement and sensation of a low order to the cesophagus. The patient made a ventolin rapid recovery. Its adjective title, Petro-selinum, signifies growing on a rock." The Greeks held Parsley in high esteem, making therewith the victor's crown of dried and withered Parsley, at their Isthmian games, and the wreath for adorning the tombs of their dead.

    'I'lie geiitleriian who has just excused was made the nursing Bubjei'l.

    He was given tonics and plenty of good food, and allowed to walk up and down the room (plus). Several authors have described and figured nerves as ending in the cells of the gland, but this cannot yet be considered one of the firmly-established facts of anatomy, though it seems to be more certain as regards the socalled salivary glands of some insects than for the higher The chief difference between the results of chorda stimulation and that of the sympathetic is to be found in the quality or character of the secretion, this being, however, very variable for different animals.

    All the records are strictly comparable as the agglutinability of these emulsions has been controlled by comparing them with the emulsions issued by the Medical Research Connnittee, against the high-titre Medical Research Committee, while the para A emulsion has been onethird stronger than that sent from England.

    " Diseases come to evohaler us, as it were, in masks and disguises, as though with intention to deceive us. While it is in this condition, a cold, wet atmosphere, and great and sudden changes in temperature, act as exciting causes of primary croup. Dense adhesions between the heart and great vessels and surrounding pericardium require meticulous dissection which prolongs the operation. A woman, forty-two Tears old, being attacked with bronchitis, consulted a buy physician, who ordered creosote to the extent of eighteen drops in twentyfoar hoars, to be taken in six-drop doses.


    A five-inch incision without special difficulties: purchase. By iialliative treatment in this class of cases was meant sustaining the patient by nonrislimont and stimulation, the use of antiseiitics, and the arrest of hiemorrhage by means of packing and so forth: norvasc. The voice: does not regain its natural tone and vigor for some time,, but remains weak, and easily becomes hoarse and tired.