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    Intramedullary delgra tumours include, in order of frequency, glioma, glio-sarcoma, and pure sarcoma; also angio-sarcoma, Further particulars as to age and duration of symptoms are The sex is mentioned in fifty-four cases in the proportion of Extradural lipomata spring from the extradural adipose tissue, sarcomata from the periosteum of the spinal column or the outer surface of the dura mater.

    Enclosing the egg-membrane, there is a mucous covering, which suctorial mouth to the female. Humanity demands that charity should furnish places of refuge in which poor outcasts can receive assistance during the perils of childbearing. The anaesthetic should be entrusted to a competent practitioner, and should be carried not only to insensibility, but as far as it can be without danger. The" nitro-aerial spiritus" of Mayow, necessary to life, existed in the air. Of course, we are aware of cases, or rather instances, in which a physician has been made the victim of well-meaning, but mistaken friends, who only meant to do him a kindness, by giving him a"good send off" before the public; but this only shows the eflFect upon the public mind, of the demoralizing results of the advertising mcml)ers of our profession, in degrading their noble calling, to a commercial Let me (ievoutly express the hope, that as regards the Board of Censors, and this class of offenses, that this new year will be one of blessed calm and freedom! A few words on another topic, and I will not further try The President has rightly suggested our duty to the public, in regard to taking some measures to enlighten, and protect them, as concerns the abounding quackery in this city (675). The medical man as the member of a society is expected to pay his debts and in the interest of "vigrande" his patients to devote his entire time to his profession and it would be grossly inconsistent for him not to collect his fees for the laborer is worthy of his hire. Last summer the charming fountain of the piazza of Ancio, and the town well, had no water at all, and the women and girls used to go in procession, with their copper buckets on their heads, to the spring of Genzano, where many a weary traveller has rested and refreshed himself, sitting under its tall elms, on his return from Monte Cavo or Neviso. No well-authenticated case of arterio-venous aneurism in the orbit has ever been demonstrated by post-mortem examination. In health the application of a faradic current of sufficient strength to a nerve trunk jelly causes a continuous contraction of the muscles supplied by it. ' The functions of the Parliamentary Bills Committee being ministerial only, it is not my province to enter upon any argumentative remarks with regard to the very important discussion of the subject of the notification of infectious cases that took place last August at the Worcester meeting of the Association. That tbe disease may be developed or excited under the influence of traumatic causes is unquestionable; but I maintain that in the great majority of instances the affection is of spontaneous origin, and that it is not necessary for a blow, or a fall, or any such injury to produce the disease. On the contrary, I believe it is a mistake to substitute the sodium for the potassium salt, as seems to be the custom in many clinics nowadays, if good therapeutic results have been obtained with potassium iodid. E., a subjective consciousness of the beating of the heart, is much more frequent and is associated with a violent sensation of fear and"emptiness." The heart action may also be retarded, but acceleration going on to marked tachycardia is much more frequent. The uvula becomes shortened or quite destroyed, and the contraction of the surrounding parts produces excessive deformity, with stenosis of the fauces and pharynx. In Panama a better result was obtained by using a larvicide, which was made as follows: One hundred and fifty gallons of crude carbolic acid having a specific gravity not added, and the solution is kept at the same temperature until a perfectly dark emulsion without sediment is formed. They may reach the size of one, two, or several inches in diameter with a variable amount of elevation above the surface, so as to be flattish, hemispherical, or even nearly globular. Compression myelitis is frequently present meninges and cord may also be mentioned at this time, although, awith caries of the spine, the form of myelitis is chronic rather than acute: order.

    Three shirts, wool and silk or wool One pair of mittens. The second question is whether congestion is the only pathologic condition in the liver or, in other words, whether the heart patient is not also suffering from some other liver disease. The medical inspection, she must every day of the usual examination send to the police-inspector an attestation from the physician attending her, concerning the nature of her illness, and that there is no symptom of venereal disease, or else apply for the inspector's permission to be examined at her home. The antabuse after-treatment is essentially that which is SYNONYMS. Ibout the hou.se at night with a.s little help as pai.sv ot the sphincters. The return circulation of the tumor, which escaped on excising it, was prevented from entering the abdominal cavity by protecting sponges. Langton found that, in most cases that came under his care.'after the menstrual period had been established, the monthly tenderness and enlargement of the protruded bodies were well-marked. The latter If the coronary disease is followed by a progressive destruction of muscle-fibers; if nothing develops to stimulate the myocardium to increased activity, the heart may attain a considerable degree of atrophy in coronaty sclerosis. In the Metropolitan Counties Branch of our Association, the rule is, we understand, to reject any candidate for Branch membership who is known to keep a dispensary of this sort; and it is worthy of consideration in the various Branches whether tliis rule might not be extended with advantage.