• English people generally dislike soups, gruel, and other substitutes for what is more substantial; and the gruel suppers and even the soup dinners were often found to be thrown away, which was never the case as respected beef, or mutton, or Irish stew, or the large and excellent meat pies.

    The temperature was normal, and the child's general The case was "100mg" probably one of osteo-arthritis. The former may properly be called tubercular ulceration, the latter is better known as the ulceration of the tuberculous. On opening the online abdomen I evacuated some foul pus from the right iliac fossa. What can be done in the way of identifying the micro-organisms in these cases by means of complement fixation tests? This Wendell Reber, who wrote as follows:"The laboratory findings that are now at our disposal fall under what are known as complement fixation tests, and comprise reactions as to the following organisms; The 60 Bacillus Coli. Where - colonel Birkett is to be congratulated on this well-deserved honour. Authorities agree that the lesions most likely to be associated with cardiac can pain are those of the aortic orifice.

    MINUTES OF THE MEDICAL COUNCIL. For four years before her admission to the Hospital she had been employed in field-work, at Barking, in Essex; but previously, for most of her hfe, had lived in London.


    It had been taken from a boy, aged three.

    It is of interest on account of the non-venereal history and the discovery of the giant cells of tuberculosis which iu all probability were the source of all the trouble. Some persons may be affected with most serious complaints of the central organ of circulation, without suffering from proportionately grave symptoms, whilst others, with lesions that are much less marked than those of the former, are distressed by fearful symptoms. It is probable, however, that under certain conditions a portion of the arsenic in arsenical wall-paper? is given off in the form of arseniuretted hydrogen, and that the symptoms produced by such papers are sometimes due, in part, to the inhalatipn of this gas.

    It had gradually grown, but more rapidly lately than formerly. Thus, the child had three or four inspiratory coughs, accompanied by a whistlingnoise, and expiration was not modified in the least; then, a few days later, this whistling was preceded by efforts to cough, which then occurred during expiration, and in a short time hooping-cough assumed its usual course In the great majority of cases, I repeat, hooping-cough begins like a simple catarrah, both in children and adults. A glass of cold water before breakfast daily is often an effective means of overcoming constipation, while the drinking of hot water an hour before each meal has been of great benefit to many dyspeptics (vidalista). Death, however, not infrequently occurs in consequence of these causes, and all the evidence went to show that these accidental consequences are largely and favorably influenced by the cold bath treatment, while deaths from purely hyper-pyrexial causes are almost abolished." gives some tables showing the mortality of typhoid fever under expectant treatment, in the armies of Germany and the United States, and compares this with cases treated by cold water, showing a difference of over fifty per cent, in the death-rates; under the former, from eighteen to forty-nine per cent, being lost; while, under the latter, about ten per cent, or less died.

    Not homogeneous, but, in the higher forms at any rate, resolvable into"tissues." Nevertheless, so striking are the visible differences between the higher plants and animals, that the less obvious likenesses of structure were hut slowly recognized. It is made into cakes and patties by the women of Java, who eat it during pregnancy. His own criticisms were so frank that over-delicacy in describing the man himself seems out of place; and, moreover, he has done such good work that he can afford to have disagreeable things said of him. In these cases the disease has probably been of an eczematous character.

    There was thus considerable danger in giving iodides to patients with stricture of the doxycycline bronchi, or where an aneurysm pressed on the bronchi. The mucous membrane is for the most part pale and normal buy and is covered, especially towards the pylorus, with a thick, tenaceous, bile-tinged mucous. Over outer tendons on posterior aspect of both wrists is get a diffused elastic swelling, as if from slight tenosynovitis.

    They should not be used in dilated stomach, as the carbonic acid would still further distend it; or where there is deficiency of acid, as in dyspepsia, Chronic intestinal catareh, due to over-aciditj; ot tne chvme is favorably affected by soda waters, especially the saline; the same is true of certain hepatic affections (cirrhosis, congestion of liver, fatty hver, etc.). He was rather loath to believe, therefore, that the searching for a stone, none being found and none being passed, had in several instances resulted in relief of the patient.