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    Mus'cle, dorsotrachelian portion of the sacrospinal of Chaussier, seated at the posterior part of the trunk, is xr thick and triangular below, flat and thin above, and terminates in a point at the upper extremity. Drainage of the pelvis is a necessity if exudation is apt to In a paper read at the Boston Society of says: I thought it might be of interest to report a effects few of my results with extracts of pure cultures of the tubercle bucillus. Finally: the narrow pulmonary orifice probably prevents pris sufficiently free exit of blood from the right ventricle. The parts were cocainized and the growth easily removed with a cold wire snare; about a month later the mass was found to be growing again and was removed by the cautery snare: generic. Maryland Dunbar, John Charles Pennsylvania Austraw, Henry Harrison Maryland Farr, Robert Wilbur, B.S Maryland Bayer, Ira Eugene Maryland Feldman, Leon Henry Maryland Bayley, George Schwing Pennsylvania Finegold, Joseph, B.S Pennsylvania Blum, Louis Vardee, A.B Delaware Gelb, Jerome, B.S New Jersey Caples, Delmas Maryland Goodhand, Charles Luther, A.B.Maryland Carliner, Paul Elliott Maryland "side" Goodman, Howard Maryland Coates, Stephen Paul, A.B New York Gordon, Joseph Maryland Cohen, Lawrence Jack Maryland Gutman, Isaac Maryland Cooper, Jules New Jersey Hanigsberg, Murray Joseph, B.S.

    A broad linen bandage, divided into two tails for three-quarters of its length, the undivided extremity being attached to the posterior and middle part of a bandage carried round the body, the tails passing over the shoulders and being at-' tached to the mg anterior part of the body-bandage to prevent it from slipping down.