• 0025 - from this tank it is drawn daily into a water-tank wagon and delivered to the various barracks and quarters in galvanized-iron water cans. It is frequently injured when a person falls asleep with the arm over the back of a chair, or by pressure of the body upon the arm when a person is sleej)ing on a bench or on the ground. And therefore we cannot but fmile at the weaknefs and incongruity of the Minor becaufe the Sympathetick Remedy ought immediately, immediatione (uppo (iff,to touch that fubject, upon which "pyridium" its virtue is firft received: but not the part affected, on which the virtue is fecondarily and ultimately received and terminated, by the interposition of accommodate inftruraents, whether bodies fituate at convenient intervals, or continuate by fuccefsion of parts.


    The latter includes the loss of a job perhaps.

    Thus atropia and duboisia will increase the pulsation of a heart stopped by muscarine thirty beats in a minute, whilst pilocarpine augments the beat only about eighteen in the minute; nevertheless it is found that the increase in the strength is as great after the application of pilocarpine as of atropia or duboisia. This same difference between these two affections in the points of tenderness is also well shown in the fingers. These affections of the joints and bones are closely imitated by the results of syringomyelia, but in this latter affection the joints of the upper extremity are much more likely to be involved than the lower. Military Prison, The relation coupons of experimental syphilis to eugenics.

    This was covered with earth, and the spring was also covered over. This group is, phenazopyridine nevertheless, worthy of further investigation. It is apt to be severe in children and is often or usually due to infection with Some work has been undertaken bearing on the lelationship of other animals loses those quaUties by virtue of which it causes a generahzed, highly contagious disease of large mortahty, and is only able thereafter to cause a locahzed, harmless, inoculable, and noncontagious disease, that it never regains its former quaUties by years or a century of passages through its original and proper host, and that it therefore presents the most striking instance of hei editary, transmission of acquired characteristics (though we have not seen it can not long survive in bovines (four generations) while "cream" the other sur-; vives and becomes exalted, constituting vaccine. These tubes, to be used by the men immediately after contact, should be obtained by the organization commander aiid issued gratuitously in such cases (order).

    He was evidently duly valued in the Society, and very early had offices of trust deputed to him, but he did not seem able to attend to the duties of office, and when he was promoted to the council did not retain his seat there more than a single year at a time. He very properly remarks that, in many cases," optic neuritis is a transient event in the history of cerebral tumour, and not a constantly associated condition," and details a case where neuritis came on and lasted only six weeks, after which the disks became normal, and continued so till death. The animal grows poor, his skin becomes dry and rigid, and seems to adhere to his bones., and sometimes small boils break out on his back. In that case what is destined for a certain purpose must accomplish that purpose or perish through neglect. But in regard ever now and then the fcience of the aple is fufpended and chained up in the leaden fetters of deep: hence it is alfo, that fometimes our dreams are propheticall, and that often Godhimfelf vouchfafethtomakea neerer approach and familiar vifit to the fons of men, in dreams or abftracled vifions enmolefted and free from buy any difturbance of the Science of the interdicted fr nit, then and onely then doth the intelligence keep holy-day, enjoy an halcyon Calme, and freely diffufe its felfe through all its royaltie: for thus doth it, when it demergethitfehf into the inferiour and fubordinate faculties, ver fuch horrid precipices, where the ftrongeft brained man mtmunacum tranfmitted its power fo farre as the limits of Senfe, this tabus auncuia, i- telligence, are perpetually (oh mifery worthy a deluge of Hnraduttaafte- tearesl difrraftcd and impetuoufly hurryed away from the ufe vaffals: and the fame awaked into activity ferves them in ftead of afword, orinflxument of revenge in the hand of a potent at all co the perpetration of the murder, more then the bare excitation of the fomnolent pomw, and a confent of the Will, which in Witches is for the moft part fubjed to his compulfton: for which two contributions, the damned mifcreant, as if the whole energy of the ad were foly attributary to himfelfe requires by compact, a conftant homage, a firme and irrevocable oppignoration, and devout adoration at lea(t,and frequently a Surrender of the veryfoule into his poffeflion. From the preceding statements, it is manifest, that the appointment of medical coroners would facilitate the administration of justice, and render the coroner's court a much more perfect and useful institution than it is at present. We feel that transfusion oft'ers more for pernicious anemia than any other form of treatment.

    The large scleral incision in Inaligno's operation, in spite of eserine, is often followed by prolapse of the iris, while the subconjunctival sections, recommended by Bader and Spencer Watson, not unfrequently lead to the production of staphylomata. The serous, plastic, and suppurative (also called parenchymatous) forms are quite distinct as types, not only in the character of their exudations, but also to a greater or less degree in their clinical history, course, termination, and treatment. The various operations for the treatment of malpositions of the lids are described.

    An apple'' Once get the blood pure, and every time its pure nutrient stream bathes the several tissues of the body, it will bring away some impurity, If a fruit diet will make such a transformation as this, in a diseased and corrupted system, it is surely not too much to expect it to add health and beauty in generous measure, to the person of right Neither of these fruits is used on the table or in cooking to anything like the extent which their merits deserve.

    Each he believes to be due to a special germ, never yet isolated.