• The centrifuged serum was not tested in this instance as it was hcl assumed from experiments by Dorset and Henley that clear, centrifuged serum is equally as potent as the whole serum.

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    The mere demonstration that in a febrile disease antibodies against a certain bacterium are regularly present look in the blood for a brief period does not necessarily imply that that organism is the etiologic agent in the disease. The section of the kidney reveals arteriolar sclerosis, such no as is seen in hypertensive renal disease. Does - friedlander (Interstate Medical Journal, December) calls attention to the rapid increase of the disease in this country in the last two or three years. When there is merely a reddened and inflamed condition of "high" the nuicous membrane of the mouth, it will suffice to.syringe it out several times a day with four ounces of the following solution: alum, one ounce; water, two pints. Cream is made dy mixing what White and Yellow Ochre. Six typical hemolytic streptococci were tested first plated on erowid CaCOs blood-glucose agar, and the size of the zones were noted and compared with the controls.

    By Martin the Division of Therapeutics in the Department of Medicine, The Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Attending Physician, The Jefferson street Medical College Hospital, Philadelphia; and Alison Howe The Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Assistant Physician to The Jefferson Medical College Hospital, Philadelphia, Chief Clinical Assistant Diabetic amazing.

    Used - the physician in charge should meet by themselves to discuss the course to be followed.