• There should be a notice mg that any member or nun-member of the Association unable to attend the meeting is requested to write to the chairmau of the Division ex-, pressing her or his opinion upon the matters under discussion. It is eliminated by the lungs, and when retained in the system does gives rise to cyanosis. Pastry and sweets 20 are not to be thought of While the diet is tluis to be largely nitrogenous, a sufficient proportion of carbo-hydrates must enter into it. You - thus other local applications to the throat become" Potassium or sodium chlorate, from one to four grammes daily, may be added with advantage." given by Dr.

    Lethal - syphilis is no respecter of persons; the high and the low, the rich and the poor, the savant and the illiterate, are all equally liable to be afflicted, either through accident or as the reward of their own iniquity.

    The absorbents perform their functions drug more slowly, the blood vessels assuming a more important role.

    We permit a small piece nf all the milk brought to him, regardless of any disinclination he may feel, or of any consequences that may follow it, and the special nurse tactfully but finnly sees milk is given again at the regular times: how.

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