• It was most often seen in hospitals, afid especially in war, where the hygienic conditions were bad, and many wounded were crowded septic disease, chiefly pyaemia, in eight of the large London hospitals (hcl). But, nevertheless, for weeks afterwards he was much troubled with an evening neuralgia of one side of the face; and not long afterwards, after a little excess of work and exposure that'under ordinary and circumstances would not have done any harm, he was seized again with a bad neuralgia, that woke him regularly for several nights out of his first sleep and compelled him to sit up for the rest of the night. There is, however, considerable diversity of of opinion on this point. During the, past loss few years there has beer an increasing interest manifested in the use of radium as a therapeutic measure, particularly in the treatment of cancer and in vari ous superficial pathological conditions that by their accessibility are amenable to external radiation. Muscles which are contracted in the deathagony do not necessarily become effects relaxed at any time. Will be held in the new tablets college buildings, and a large representation of Iowa veterinarians is anticipated.

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    If dislocation alone is noted, without fracture, but with paralysis of on greater or less degree, it is advisable to attempt extension of a rather forcible character by manipulation. This spirit was used in epilepsy, apoplexy and many other affections, and when mixed with a tincture of opium constituted the" Anti-epileptic Elixir, or English Drops." I have given some account of the materia medica of one hundred and fifty years ago, but it would be unfair to our drug forefathers in medicine not to add that they possessed and knew how to use many of the medicines prized by the physicians of the present day.

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    On opening the abdomen, a reductio en fnasse was found, and a lump of subperitoneal fat formed the reducible comercial tumour simulating the hernia. There was no suppuration and the stitches were removed in four days and left I am inclosing a photo print of a calf's head that was recently tablet delivered by me.


    Thus well-todo persons, largely using raw milk in their families, have suffered out of all proportion to their poorer neighbours, who could only afford a small supply, to be used in their tea (er). Tongue between the shut mg teeth; bloody froth issuing from mouth and nostrils neck reddened in nearly a continuous line all around, both above and below the hand, about three-fourths inch wide, evidently caused by pressure of the three; folds.