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    The association of pneumonia, bronchitis, rheumatism, and astlima witli a blealc and wet climate cause is too invariable to permit our doubting their reality as causes. Convulsions may come on at the same time and throw iodine him down, but he gets up and goes on climbing again. Here the previously infected person is commonly a veteran of syphilis, having suffered a decade precio of years or more before the second exposure to the same virus.

    He was an ".225" indefatigable worker, and during his ministry to Chile he succeeded in establishing cordial relations between that government and that of the United States, and gained the unlimited confidence of the Chilean people. Since this time I have witnessed the bursting of several of Molesworth's and Barnes's dilators, and place of these perishable soft rubber ones: increased. It is handicapped by the lack of medical employees who are sufficiently interested in the cause of humanity to undergo the innumerable hardships and discomforts which accompany most of the health work in the provinces: and. Organisms are present on the nipples over in one hundred per cent, and in the milk ducts in eighty-six per cent, of all pregnant women. We do not believe in dispensing advice has by wholesale, as every case must be treated on its individual merits.

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    The father, who was somewhat accustomed to the administration of injections, be came in and said that sufficient water had not been used.

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