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    Does - the topographical diagnosis could go even further and localize the lesion in the vicinity of the superior vena cava. The commonest cause of cystitis unquestionably is instrumentation, the catheter or other instrument often producing trauma, and introducing bacteria if the technique is faulty, while a study of the bacterial flora of the urethra shows that it is quite possible for cystitis to arise from that source; in men it is improbable that spontaneous infection of the bladder shopping from the urethra may occur, but in women spontaneous infection from this source is undoubtedly met with. Women - a trial of the hot-air treatment ia which the heat is applied through a canvas tube attached to cover the ear, impressed me that this is a most clumsy way of reachiag the part which we really desire to reach, and I was very uncertain as to how much heat reached the tympanic cavity.

    The fluid escaped from the chest first in jerks, then in drips, and during the operation the patient was generally seized with fits of coughing, which were distressing, and buy sometimes" violent, irrepressible, and very sharp." Trousseau considered that this cough favoured the outward flow of the fluid, and in some persons it lasted for part of the day. Firmaries Eepc rts have been iDfinitely UBefnl and beneficent, and have not hair only ltd to inestimable relief of Bufiering and merciful improvements in nursing and accommodation for the sick poor, lut to a new method and spirit of official inspection at the Poor-law Board, which is of far-reacliing importance. He sits far forward, his sacrum resting on the anterior margin of the chair, the tuberosities of his ischium projecting the knees and the can shirt and undershirt folded upward to the level of the timbilicus. During the of the town was not learned in v.iin.as the sanitary authority set to work to repair the defects brought to light, and the direct communication between water pipes and closets was generally cut off: make. That the opacity is due to fat may much be shown by shaking the urine with ether. This incision, of course, is to be made with due regard to A case under treatment a year or two ago cost furnished an excellent illustration of the value of this procedure. Month - therefore the thoracic cavity was drawn off. At other times, on the contrary, the loss concretions are in considerable number, and the lung tissue is, as it were, riddled by them; this condition is called calcareous granulosis of the lung (Poulalion).

    Thus starvation or a carbohydratefree diet excites acetonuria even in normal individuals, and in the cases of persistent vomiting in which reviews it is a prominent symptom the acetonuria may be due to this same cause. Conservative operations must be performed in young women, "discount" unless the tumor removed seems indubitably cancerous, in which event it is greatly simplified by performing sub-total or total hysterectomy, according to the case. This on he thought might be a means of reducing the Council's expenses. Very good one, but considered the Council should settle the matter now without sending it back to the Committee (foam). Twelve thousand nine hundred and sixty hours arc occupied by children on school benches and for curvature of spine and myopia arc caused by wrong positions.

    The writer has seen such tonic rigidity of the limbs with rigidity of the neck and retraction of the head in children suffering from uraemia, both as a sequel of convulsions and apart from fits: pregnancy.

    The neglect of this precaution had, I think, something to do with the fatal result in one of my oases, in which a quantity of turbid fluid was use found post In all these manipulations, which require some time for their performance, the eflect on the patient's strength must be carefully Tvatched, for it is obviously no good to perform an ideal operation, to leave the perforation secure and the abdomen clean, if the patient is to be removed from the operating table moribund. The descriptive type of "per" undulating febrile reaction these patients. This alternation of evaporating fomentation and cooling contraction imitates the natural activity of the absorbing capillaries, and is grateful to the patient: canada. A true acute nephritis is by no means a you rarity in diphtheria. But it is It is easily to be conceived that when water was rapidly drawn from the mains, some of the stagnant water from this depression could be in this to way drawn into the loop supplying the epidemic area and consumed there. After coupon a number of careful experiments he Found that corrosive Bublimate formed with the serum of the blood a compound which retained the antisepticproperties of the corrosive sublimate. The patients had cutaneous or mucous syphilides, and the syphilitic infection dated only a few months or a few years back (code).

    Pulsation in the subclavian, axillary, brachial, carotid and temporal arteries on the right is less marked than in the corresponding arteries on the left, or it may be altogether absent: online.