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    Perhaps in no "in" instance was the buoyancy of madness more conspicuous over reason, recollection, and feeling. The development which is here suggested for medical education is conditioned largely upon effects three factors: first, upon the creation of a public opinion which shall discriminate between the ill trained and the rightly trained physicicui, and which will also insist upon the enactment of such laws as will require all practitioners of medicine, whether they belong to one sect or another, to ground themselves in the fundamentals upon which medical science rests; secondly, upon the universities and their attitude towards medical standards and medical support; finally, upon the attitude of the members of the medical profession towards the standards of their own practice and upon their sense of honor with respect to their own profession. The fact that medicine remains the most respected profession in this nation, despite the attacks it has been subjected to over the years, provides proof-positive of the value and effectiveness of a strong and fair code of ethics (progesterone).