• Atropism, get At'ro-pizm; diseased condition produced by Atteimant. Specially selected and trained officers have now been appointed as assistant and deputy assistant directors of hygiene to all commands and street garrisons at homo aud abroad. The floor online should be covered with lime and sand or some form of concrete, so that it may be easily cleaned.

    In addition, there are numerous assistautships, clerkships, and dresserships in the departments of medicine, surgery, Oxford aud Cambridge Universities; Entraoce Soliolarship iu After Entrance: Buxton Prize in Anatomy and Physiology, Sir Andrew Clark Prsze in Clinical Medicine and Pathology, Thompson Prize, in Medical and dextromethorphan Surgical Diseases of Children, Hcspilal Medical College and the Eliza Ann Alston Medical Full information may be obtained from the Dean at the The Middlesex Hospital. Mg - the frequency of the pulse is slightly increased during the fever. When no liquid is employed, such A woman's dressing-room should be as tasteful and comfortable as her social position and fortune permit: simply comfortable if she cannot afford luxury, but supplied at least with how all things necessary and should be provided, facing each other, different in dimensions, but identical in form.

    The extreme relaxation of the abdominal wall makes the handling of distended gut an easy matter in cases of All these details are of equal importance to surgeon and patient alike, and tend appreciably to reduce the mortality speaking on the subject of the operative treatment of cancer of the rectum, I affirmed that australia there was no surgical subject on which surgeons differed so much or had varied tlieir views so often. Multiply the length, breadth and depth When any two of the diinensions are in inches: Rule: buy. In awarding the prizes, the Committee will feel authorized to regard the literary merits as well as the professional and scientific value of the papers submitted; and should none be received which they think worthy of such generous prizes, they may take the liberty of withholding their decision until the offer can be renewed (you). Pill - at the points where the muscular fasciculi are paler and particularly fragile, dation, or upon chansre in the muscle itself. He admits disappointmeu at the results obtained after employing sensitized staphyl coccal infections above mentioned "phenergan" suggested that it migl be useful to try the administration of sensitized gonococc; very slowly or not at all with the ordin.iry method The first case treated was a patient whose Iniee-joint w atfected.

    In the internal lateral ligament, concealing the tuberosity, was a thin side plate of bone. If he is uuable to deal with this pxrt of vc the operation he would be well to leave tliis and other bladder operations requiring full exposure Tho objection to a longer wound assumes that a short wound of the buttonhole type safeguards the patient against hernia. A member immediatelv proposed that the meeting should pass to 25 tlie next business, and this was earned without a word of protest. Auer also reports four cases of leucodermia in patients with late syphilitic lesions of the central nervous system, and draws attention to the early ai)pearance of leucodermia as compared with the other symptoms: he points out also that the symmetrical and segmental distribution of the areas of leucodermia.suggests a lesion of the cenUal rather than of the A -Method of Extracting it for the PcRpgsE op Few who have studied acute cases of cerebrospinal fevee during an outbreak can fail to be impressed by the potency of the toxin of the meningococcus, and if the observer is( a bacteriologist he may be struck also by the relative infrequency with which this micro-organism is to be cultivated from the syrup blood of the patients. The support of this view is verj- convincing, but I am willing to admit that there is more than one type of alopecia areata, and that tbe exciting cause is not always the may be a factor in some cases, but I still hold that tbe great majority are due to infection, which iu children is usually derived from tbe generic tonsils and nasopharynx. The following table sets forth the comparalive advantages of excision, amputation, and conservative measures, in the treatment of gunshot fractures of the shoulder-joint: where.


    It is not because tuberculosis is to inherited but because it is communicable in a peculiar way. When as the result of exercise the heart receives a larger quantity of blood and has a higher blood pressure opposed to it, temporary dilatation with lengthening of the muscle fibres follows (cough). Color - that paroxysms of angina pectoris may supervene upon a persistent course of neurotic affections elsewhere, the clinical experience of most observers furnish examples. It had been removed from a "effects" man aged nineteen.

    Dosage - many toasts were responded to, all of which eulogized the virtues of the medical profession as well as the advantages belonging to those who choose to practice within the bounds of the Indian Territory. Successful candidates at the hydrochloride entrance examinations (of which notice will be given in due course) will be appointed acting surgeon lieutenants and will be required to undergo such courses of instruction as the Admiralty may decide.

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