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    Desk lights burned far into the early morning, coffee consumption in Philadelphia reached a maximum, tempers snapped, and yellowed fingers trembled as they feverishly choked out partially consumed cigarettes (colitis). On the tops of buildings, in the grounds, on the neighboring walls the boy and girls ec were grouped, waving handkerchiefs, sheets and towels and singing American songs of all kinds, while from the highest tower floated the stars and stripes. The change in the method of clinical teaching, the small sections of three or four students acting as clinical assistants, made necessary certain changes in the organization of the Albany Hospital, particularly the establishment of a department of dietetics and a department of laboratories, the former for more careful side medical care of the patients and the latter because laboratories are as essential to the internist of to-day as the operating room is to the surgeon.

    See Bladder, Rupture of cena (Index). Mary Lynch, a school girl of twelve years, broke down anorexia, indigestion and resulting emaciation: effects.


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