• Brief reference may be made to an alteration which id not infrequently observed in tlie nietluUavy pyi-aniiils: this is a condition of oedema and hyaline swelling of the connective tissue fibios which sun-ouud and support the groups of straii;ht arterioles. The illustrations are good, and in most instances helpful. Those sounds dependent renova on the condition of the brain and acoustic nerve, are scarcely curable by art.

    Patients discharged from orthopaedic centres to civil life fell into two who required further treatment of an orthopaedic kind, Ireatment of a general kind. We continue to work very closely with Phico tion has been advantageous for all, but most especially for those physicians who have received cancellation notices from their previous insurors, for the vast majority of whom we have been able to Because of the great uncertainties in the malpractice market and the cheap difficulty in seeing clearly into the future, MSDIS has engaged the services of a malpractice insurance consultant to assist us in our work, to make recommendations to the Medical Society of Delaware in its study of the malpractice, problem, and to assist us in developing recommendations for the future. Showing, first, the physiological requirements of the human body, which, of course, affords a standard costco of alimentation, the author then examines the ration furnished to our army, and proves that it is badly distributed in Its component parts; that it is essentially unphilosophical and only endurable through the modifying influences of post and company funds, which, as our readers are well aware, were used for procuring are tides of food not allowed by the commissary department.

    The same toxic symptoms anafranil appeared, but of a milder degree, and again disappeared on the withdrawal of the scarlet red. The following morning, after bathing the face, the follow Sig.: Rub in before retiring; wash off with soap and warm water in the morning. Cases of post partnm hemorrhage, where the patient is dangerously weak from loss of blood, do not neglect, along with f)ther measures, to elevate the foot of the bed so that the brain may more easily washed though, before the child is applied. Recovery" was scarcely clouded by any symptom of importance. If the veins are not very much enlarged, this may not be an unwise plan, lint in a case in which the varicosity is very ijronounced, the risks are too great to warrant letting the veins alone. Address by Robert Grieve, gives notice that the anuual meeting of the Branch will be held at the South-Western Hotel, Southampton, on Thursday, July Branch Council:'' That it be a recommendation from this Council to the next general meeting that the future quorum of the Council consist of five members." General business. Death in typhoid fever may be the result of any of the following causes: exhaustion incident to prolonged illness, hemorrhage, peritonitis, shock due to perforation, intoxication by the toxin of the disease, or complications such as pneumonia or nephritis. The patient also finds that it is difficult for him to rest in a supine position because of venous congestion which usually increases the severity of the pain.

    : Five to ten minims three or four times Sig.: One quarter of a grain hypodermically Indication: To allay mental distress. There was a temperature gradually rising in a geometric ratio: used. Cases are generally scheduled medical, professional nursing and paraprofessional personnel maintained throughout the operating day and until the last patient is discharged from the charge is made for the use of the facility, i.e., preoperative evaluation, limited laboratory and x-ray work, use of the operating and recovery rooms, and all drugs and medication used while in the facility. By addressing the marihuana controversy in its narrowest form, the busy physician can exalt the medical issues, but rather keep them in Why not consider marihuana use in context with hypertension, and cigarette smoking. There is a certain identifiable limit to logical responses. The occurrence of pneumonia in epidemic form was recognized by Laennec and Grisolle, and since their day innumerable epidemics have been described: house epidemics, including those in which a number of individuals, from three to ten or more, have been attacked under the same roof, and general epidemics, invading institutions, ships, and garrisons, in which large numbers of persons are While the state of knowledge at the present day seems to demand that we consider croupous pneumonia as an infectious disease due to the action of a specific organism, we cannot ignore the operation of causes, such as dampness and cold, which until recently have seemed sufficient to account for a large number of cases. There is no valid proof that alcohol in moderation tends to add further to the morbid process, which, bit by bit, is slowly and insidiously working the ruin of the kidneys. See following page for prescribing information. For - some years ago, while conducting a sanitarium for the treatment of drug addicts, I had under my care a physician of ability and e.xperience, who to a long-standing use of morphine, had added that of cocaine, a habit which he claimed to have acquired from using it as a spray for an irritable throat. They have had regard to tha history of tlie growth of institutions and the characters and special capabilities of different races, seeking to encourage and if possible to hasten the natural development, but not to cut across the stem in order to graft on to it a new top. Among the most suitable disinfectants, on account of its cheapness, harmlessness, and effectiveness, is chlorinated lime or bleaching powder, t In explanation of the imperfect results thus far obtained bv antityphoid sera, allusion should be made to the observations of Ehrlich, Bordel and Wasserman to the effect that bacteria are destroyed in artificial immunity by the joint action of two distinct substances, one the intermediate or immune body produced in the blood when animals are immunized bv the injection of non-fatal doses it is used, and the remainder, in all say a pint, is added afterward. There are swelling and bleeding of'the gums, which rise up around the teeth. In these patients, dosageshould be titrated, and they INDICATIONS: Based on a review of this drug by classified the indications as follows: pectoris (pain of coronary artery disease). Prednisone - no second case has occurred of sufficient prominence"All the world's a stage," and each in his time plays many parts; and some few finally ascertain their own special fitness, and settle into the niche for which nature designed them.


    The indications for early operation are: air to be sucked in and prevents its expulsion. Internally, the every two or three hours, is-.helpful.