• I am confident that the result here desired could be most readily obtained by placing in these buildings, for twenty-four hours, two or three of the instruments here described.

    Furthermore two guinea-pigs were treated with dead bacilli and after several injections no trace of agglutinin was foimd in the animals.


    But we must limit ourselves to a few extracts. The connective tissues adjacent to the glands are frequently and early affected in scrofulous and then only late in the affection. Much variety exists in respect to the degree of the general or constitutional disturbance which accompanies the local affection in Dysentery. About three zhewitra weeks later incisions were made deep into the orbit in four places, but no pus found, and the accessory sinuses explored without result. It is, in fact, a full set of notes of the author's lectures in Jefferson Medical College, and we are sure that students who use the work as their text-book during the lecture season, will go back to it with satisfaction in their professional life to refresh their memories A Treatise on the Chronic Inflammations and Displacements of the Unimpregnaied Professor of Obstetrics and the Diseases of Women and Children in the Chicago nervous or sympathetic, which, although not exclusively confined to women, are more frequently found to manifest themselves in them; and, in the second place, to those diseases of the uterine system which are frequently the causes of the nervous symptoms named. It is running in the opposite direction. Super - and because many of us are so constituted that we obtain assurance that absolution has been passed upon us, only when he hear it from human lips, the Great High Priest when He was about to leave this earth authorized His underlings to Suppose some one says I do not believe in this. Tubercle bacilli and four of these fed Bismarck brown, i per cent of which time the organs and tuberculous tissues were examined far as could be judged from the examination none of the organs or tuberculous areas had been stained.

    Kiicheumeister uses a still stronger decoction, ethereal extract of male fern added. The rust of yron tempered 1c7 in wine, and wrought together with Myrrhe, is good for a greene wound: put thereto vinegar, and then it helpeth the piles and swelling bigges of the fundament A liniment made with it, raitigateth the pain of the gout. Salivation is to be carefully avoided; diaphoretics, warm cataplasms, rubefacients to the loins, warm baths, the hot-air bath, vesicants, and nutrients are then indicated. Very curious, indeed, it is to note the sudden jumps or strides the disease may take, when least expected. This was easily accounted for by aspiration of the oil, containing the dye; tissues were studied microscopically (frozen sections) and chemically, as above, grinding them with anhydrous sodium sulfate and extracting with ether.' On account of the fact that most of the organs and fats of the body gave a yellow ether extract, no definite conclusions could be reached from the chemical examination, but, microscopically and macroscopically, none of the organs or tuberculous areas revealed definite yellow staining.

    There is reason to believe, from information received irom various parts of the State, that a very large present time, unprotected against smallpox.

    The temporal and external pterygoid muscles lie over it. In"ideal" weight is usually above the"average," Medical Director, Municipal Court, Boston (review). Bjerknes."" In their work the mathematical results arrived at in finding an equation for the action of one pulsating or whirling or advancing body in a homogeneous liquid upon another body of the same 100 nature, is of a kind which can be critically examined only by one familiar with the modern state of mathematical science. Leading to a secondary destruction of tissue, and the formation The progress of purulent effusion is probably not dissimilar to that of the phlegmonous abscess, but the inflammation is of a different type, and all the processes less complete. Nothing unusual is discovered in fauces, and the epiglottis and liaggard, strength much reduced, sleeps little. If the mother has not sufficient milk, the deficiency must be supplied with cow's milk, care being taken that this does not constipate the bowels; the addition of a small quantity of sugar or treacle to it will be useful. Two bones in man form the shoulder; the scapula or shoulderblade, and the clavicle or collar-bone. The delpecia veterinary hospitals are equipped with huge baths or tanks, containing antiparasitic solutions, into which the horses are plunged.

    In fact, although the tumor is very observable when the attention is directed to it, yet it never amounts to actual deformity." We shall see when we come to the symptoms of the disease, that Dr. But for the cholera and several minor epidemics which followed in its train, and all of which committed their greatest ravages in the undrained portions of the city, and along the borders of the dnggish stream which served as a common those great sanitary works of which the good fruits are now becoming evident. These cholesteatomata are a frequent cause of recurrent suppuration cause the loss of any part or of the whole pi the tympanic structures, reviews of the drum membrane, of all the ossicles, as well as of the bony walls. Next triturate the mass for a few moments with eicjht ounces of distilled water; transfer the solution to a bottle, add to it haK a drachm of hydriodic acid, and filter, making up to eight ounces by means of distilled water if there is any deficiency. Harley believes he can reconcile these opposite statements as regards the urine.

    In other cases the cystic growths attain an immense size, and hold a large quantity of fluid, which distends the cavity of the abdomen, and presents a swelling externally which fluctuates on pressure.