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    After bromide of potassium, arsenic, precio zinc, silver, gold, and other nervines had proved ineffectual chloral was given, with the following results: Doses often grains twice or three times a day act as a tenaporary stimulant; the patient feels fresher, steadier, and better able to exert himself. A el short while after entering the Hospital delirium came on followed by coma and death.

    Circulation and respiration being increased by the preternatural supply of blood to comprar the organs presiding over these functions, a greater quantity of blood, in a given time must pass through the lungs, and more oxygen absorbed than normally; and as the amount of heat evolved is always in proportion to the quantity of oxygen consumed, an elevation of temperature is an inevitable result. I gave him a like dose of capsule bromide of potassium, but it was without effect, and he rem.ained awake the whole night. '__ QUALIFICATION AND DIPLOMAS IN STATE MEDICINE, officers of hfiilth, to the Studeuts' Number 100 o( the JouKSAi. Some of our readers have, doubtless, been called upon for to pay their dues to the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and all have, doubtless, intended to settle up their indebtedness. Total population and area influence profoundly the public health machinery minocycline for any governmental unit.

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