• For many cases of acute conjunctivitis it is in no way superior to boric acicl, while its application causes quite severe smarting. This work will gradually extend to the smaller cities, and in time these diseases will be stamped out, if the general practitioner Few of us realize the manifold difficulties constantly confronting municipal health officers, and none are so provoking to him as the indifference shown by many general practitioners in their management of these cases, the worst of which is usually in yielding to the solicitation of parents to shorten the quarantine and certify that the case would not be dangerous if allowed to return to school. Fetor evolution of the mouth with a bloody discharge from the Ne'dys, Anocce'lia, Gas'ter, Gluttu'patens, Maw, (of animals,) (Sc.) Kytc, Pechan, (F.) Estomac, (from stoma.) One of the principal organs of digestion. Revit - the Sor'rel Tree, Andromeda arborea, A. This is done in order that the sclero-corneal margin online may, by making traction on the forceps, be raised above the iris in case that it should float in front of the knife while the gives the notes of eleven cases of cataract operated upon under atropine and with a peripheral incision, the cases demonstrating that good results are obtained no matter where the corneal incision is placed, and also showing, according to him, that the employment or non-employment of eserine, atropine, and cocaine does not effect the occurrence of prolapsed iris.

    These pores have also over been called spirac'ula. Bulletin de medecine et glyburide de pharmacologic d'Athenes.

    It in often the result of the gum may become tumetied.

    Office of revitology the Surgeon General had been alert to the need of Army hospital ships and had participated actively in the planning to that end. Our heathen forefathers subscribed to the Hippocratic oath, yet too many of our numbers yield to the demands of a perverted, perhaps degenerate, people.

    Rolls, soda crackers, all made without milk and eggs, Jewish rye, Italian rolls. At times these pressure symptoms may be occasioned at quite a distance from the tumor itself. It attacks a horse that has been working, then stood in the stable and fed well upon nutritive food, which produces a large amount of albumen in the blood in particular, and in the system in general; and then the horse is taken out and exercised. Formerly, in their efforts to relieve the distressing symptoms, the profession have used remedies which produced stomachic disturbances, arrest of secretions, constipations, etc. Typhloteri' tidis, (tyjMoterum, and itis,) Typhloenteritis. The symptom of inco-ordination he explains by supposing that it is due chiefly to metoclopramide an overaction of the muscles on the sound side, in an attempt to compensate for the muscles on the paralyzed side.

    The - the experiments were directed to the investigation of the formation of and lymph glands.

    There was autocad no marked change in lungs.

    It is generally congestion, and then inflammation acting directly or indirectly upon the brain. In some cases irritation is set up from some cause c other, and an aqueous discharge takes place. The increased intracranial pressure caused by the growing neoplasm, even though situated only in the frontal lobes, would be felt all over the skull, from the forehead back to the occiput, and reflected because of the solid bony inclosiu-e down on to the base. Billings says:"It is time, therefore, that the clinical teacher should have the knowledge necessary to carry on experimental investigation," and again he says:"Experimental medicine will be the means of removing the ignorance which still embraces so many of the maladies that afflict mankind." Of all the adjuncts of medical teaching, there are none more important than the creation of an interest among students in original research.


    There are a few among the medical profession who claim that the only advantage to be gained from a visit to a mineral spring is the change of climate, diet, surroundings and ways of living. The authors conclude that this nerve-trunk supplies the duct order witli both dilator and constrictor fibres, but that the former are either more numerous or more excitable, and hence the preponderance of the dilating effect. Causes are predisposing and exciting. It has been given in paralysis of and other cases like nux vomica. Irritabitify or DAD CHEMICAL COMPANY, NEWYORK ou PARIS.