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    A desconto mere nakedeye inspection of the heart without preparation is not sufficient to disprove the existence of this lesion, and the silence of autopsy records, even minute and careful ones, where myocarditis has not been specially looked for, can therefore count for but little as evidence. Instead of using carbolic acid as an antiseptic," phenyle" was substituted, name both in the gauze and the solution for the atomizer and instruments. And we have even confessed that healthy, heavy drinkers may have less of these conditions than abstainers mg with l)ad digestion. It is a favorite drug in the and cough of phthisis and chronic broncliitis, and its sedative influence is highly satisfactory, clinical data having shown it to be the best succedaneum for opium. Any one who should attempt this, however, would apparently be in danger of being ostracized by the" sensitive" and perhaps also the" sensible." 25 Truly, advances in science are hardly won. Its onset was sudden and it was described as terrific or terrible; it was located mostly in the occipital and basal regions, and in the neck: cost. At this time the urinary and blood side findings were as follows: That is they still had not reached normal.