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    The complexity of the problem of surgical tuberculosis, the fact that experiment was not an adequate substitute for experience, and tlie knowledge that here we were dealing with organs so essential to the maintenance of life, rendered it impossible to study these propositions otherwise than by trial; that was and to say, by the light of what had actually been done clinically, and the results that had been thus obtained. On the surface of dose the liver are a number of deep furrows, with firm adhesions to the under surface of the diaphragm. The alimentary factors alluded to play not so great a role in better practice arthritis as might be supposed. The granulations which may have formed during in the recent stage are flattened by the retraction, and a callosity results. Harris, let me ask you buy one question: Why is it, in your judgment, that people are so loth to believe a truth?" He said:"Dr. She is a fairly healthy-looking woman, of injection medium physique, and does not showsign of wasting. If this is done thoroughly there will be little or no danger to pregnancy animals who occupy the premises subsequently. He believed that in a case of this kind it would be impossible to do litholapaxy, for, while the projecting portion of stone could have been grasped and crushed, the encysted portion could not have been reached (after).

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