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    Then it with the exception of those of the great toes, both of which show a distinct hypertrophy of the bones at the interphalangeal joint, and of the e.xostosis on the terminal phalanx, as compared with the "hydrochloride" normal foot. For the side Medical and Physical JournaL Tlislorical Researches on Pemphigus; by M. Drug - the tegumentary lining of the auditory passages, with the ceruminous glands, were affected. As to the total hci number of corpuscles per cubic millimetre, the effect of the iodide appears to be to cause an increase, but a slight one. (a) Pasteur's hypothesis of exhaustion, which was shared by Klebs, assumed that the attenuated micro-organisms, which were injected into the animal tissues for the purpose of tablets establishing a protection, used up and thus removed from the body certain substances of vital necessity for the bacteria in question; and that the animal body once deprived of these substances remained permanently exhausted, so that if bacteria of the same kind subsequently obtain access to the tissues they find no suitable soil for further development. The available resorts are confined to those on Mount Macedon in Victoria, with Gatoomba to and Mount Victoria in New South Wales. ''Jacobson:" The Operations buy of Surgery," third edition. Concentrated solutions are irritating, on the contrary, and the may induce inflammation. Interrelationships and clinical Fermentation of glucose, galactose and mannose by hcl ANDREWS, A. But we should never forget that no physician can high do conscientious work in a hospital without indirect reward, a portion of which is pretty sure to be pecuniary. It can do no harm in any form of the disease, blit it will be found to pressure serve the best purpose in chronic cases, and after the third or fourth day in acute cases. Intiammatlou of that part of the pelvic for peritoneum contiguous to the ovary, usually occurring as a part of Periinctritis.