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    Philadelphia: Le Cerveau et la hci moelle epiniere. An arrow that had been dipped in it and shot into the thigh cvs of a dog, caused the death of the animal in twenty-six minutes. The classical Circek word cvttaiaaia means simply an easy, peaceful, or painless deatlf, anil so it has always been understood to by the medical profession. He states that infection can only proceed by a chancre, and its infecting properties do not reach beyond the first high gland above it, beyond which it can do no harm to others, as it no longe exists as a contagious agent: thus he discarded the transmissibility of secondary disease.

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    Notable among these is typhoid fever, and notable among its hysterical complications are joint symptoms: dosage. Some of the fundamentals of public hygiene in this State need strengthening, however, and one of these has come to be of interest to the otc association. Reed of Cincinnati, Ohio, well known as chairman of the committee on medical legislation of the American Medical Association and for his recent able, vigorous and widely-discussed report of the sanitary conditions existing at Panama: effects.