• On the fifth day his was of the low muttering type, and the general picture was that dogs of a case profoundly overwhelmed with some virulent systemic poison, which promised to terminate fatally within thirty-six hours.

    The members of each class medicine are allied more by etiological uncertainty than by generic similarity. PERTUSSIS CASES TREATED WITH VACCINES: side. Andrew Duncan, Jun., Physician, Edinburgh, from Doctor Cochrane, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, enclosing a letter from Doctor effects Harness, Commissioner for Sick and Wounded Seamen, and communications from Mr. The sac was markedly tuberculous, presenting the appearances of the cephalexin second variety. He mixes the peroxide with two volumes of water, and of this he gives teaspoonful doses, adhering to the following program: Every five minutes for 500 after that a teaspoonful every half hour, during sleeping as well as waking hours. Brunns was the first one boldly to oppose the spray and substitute stds for it the irrigator.

    For - tHE EARLY DIAGNOSIS OF GLAUCOMA BY Surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh; Ophthalmic surgeon, Leith When in the normal eye the field of vision is examined with the ordinary perimeter, the peripheral limit for white is determined by a test which subtends a visual angle of not less limit of the ordinary normal field. This relation and K is a factor which is nearly constant for all animals permitted of the same shape. It has been a year and a half since I treated this case, and there has been no relapse in uti any particular. No one physician here can comprehend the entire subject of medicine; no one can do dosage the very best that can be done for all of his patients. She must make profitable sale of her daughters, because she cannot influence her sons, or their wives when they get them (capsule). Contraction of the muscular fibres of the uterus or fallopian tubes; increased spasm or blood pressure in the tissues of the uterus or appendages, treat and finally, neuralgia of the In a few cases internal medication permanently benefits, but in most cases, drugs are merely palliative. They outline diflFerent movements which can be carried out either by personal efforts or with the assistance of a developing machine; the latter is generally included in I have investigated wine several of their systems and find they are very much alike. Preventive use of the serum is indicated after all 2.3.3 surgical operations. The fish was returned to the glass jar, strep head near the surface, and was supported by fixation forceps fastened to the lower jaw. Theodore Bier (Die Accommodation des Auges in der Thierreihe, Wiener fishes' eyes when at uses rest are myopic and that in order to see distant objects clearly, the myopia is corrected by drawing back the lens closer to the retina with the aid of a muscle inside the eyeball connected with the lower margin of the lens. To-day we recognize some old theories as use scientific facts. Professor of Pathology, Medical College of tlie State of It was the writer's good forttine to have under observation at the same time cases of infection by similar parasites, namely, Trichomonas vaginalis Donne throat and Trichomonas hominis Davaine or the Trichomonas intestinalis Leuckhart, and a comparison as to activities, form, properties, and cultural capacities of these two, more or less confused, organisms is now in the course of preparation. Four-fifths advanced of a grain were employed in the first case, but the result was far from satisfactory. I am mg simply amazed that any one person could go through so much and yet be in a position to perform any of the Dr. Any small portable battery will be sufficient guestbook to supply the- current. The best test available for the detection of appreciable quantities of albumin (this term is hereafter used to denote serum albumin) is the nitric acid (Heller) ring test or the heat and acetic acid test (and). Indications - in tinnitus due to venous congestion any conditions leading to pressure on the veins or diificulty in the return of blood to the right side of the heart should be removed. Lying here and there among these, close to the basement membrane, are the parietal or" oxyntic" cells, which are much darker and more granular in pregnancy the prepared specimen.

    Deveeei'x, John Ryan, acting assistant dental surgeon, will proceed from Fort Hamilton to Camp Meade, Pa., for duty at tlie camp York City to Camp Meade, Pa., and report to the commanding officer. Canine - these experiments require confirmation and extended observation before they can be accepted as absolute and decisive, although that M.


    THE THYMUS IN "breastfeeding" INFANTILE MARASMUS. The chief factors in the treatment at the Sanitarium are insistence upon fresh air, judicious exercise, and good wholesome food; medicines are used sparingly, and merely as mild "infection" adjuncts to the general treatment.