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    The diplococous of pneumonia could not be obtained in these cultures The diphtheria bacillus obtained from this case has been studied through several generations and has been found to possess the usual morphological and physiological characteristics of this species. Their full size they usually burst spontaneously; but sometimes they dry up and become abortive. The previous general health of those attacked largely regulates its "wrinkles" severity in individual cases. The duration of each individual lesion is often not more than a week or two; but, by local extension, the disease may become chronic. But a less intense form of nervous excitability is required for the majority of our psoriatic patients, and a more refined and special kind of spinal irritability, before an opinion like that of Kuznitzky can find a general acceptance, for most of them neither show any nervous symptoms in themselves, nor in their families; nor can they connect their outbreaks Xeither of the liypotlieses alone seems as yet to be capable of explaining all the phenomena of the disease.


    Hoping, dear sir, to have answered in a satisfactory way to your kind inquiry.

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