• So again a clot of blood in the corpus striatum may sever the nerve-fibres, and so explain the severance between the will and certain muscles of the extremities; but it will not so explain the presence of convulsions, or of spasms For these reasons we retain the words them such changes as have no recognized morbid anatomy, but such as depend upon corresponding changes in the finer processes of nutrition. The more indirect results are seen in better system for all farm work, a livelier interest in the business of the farm, and a better understanding of the technical problems connected with its management. Some dogs vomit once or twice in the early- stages, and never return to their natural food, but are eager for something filthy and horrible. The complaints made by the patients of debility and pains in the limbs are just those symptoms of the disorder which are the most likely to be referred to other causes, and it is needful, therefore, that the medical attendant should himself institute the inquiries necessary to prove the presence of Scurvy in his patient. This constitutes a move in the right direction, because, after all, the success of the teacher depends upon her interest and enthusiasm, as well as her general knowledge of the subject-matter to Different schools require emphasis upon special phases of the subject. His work on the physiology of industrial organization,' an example of a class of books in which now been translated into English. Nevertheless, the laws of general biology apply to all living matter and in this respect there seems to be little, if any, difference between the animal and vegetable kingdoms. The symptoms of post-pharyngeal abscess are dysphagia, return of fluids through tlie nose, some stiflhess of the neck, one side of which may be fuller than natural, and dyspncea. This has definitely dropscom occurred even when ionization has been unaccompanied by the use of intra-oral gagging or facial massage. The bladder was distended, containing about two pints retin of urine.

    The four troop decks of about equal capacity.

    In the early stages it will be impossible to leave patients with mere routine directions for treatment if we wish to be successful. The same remark is applicable to cases in which irritant sub.itances, food, or poisons chiefly upon its type. The strip is then washed with warm ether, and any adhering incrustation or deposit carefully removed by means of a pledget of cotton. Many physicians fail to appreciate the importance of fear: sex. Emesis is not to be frequently repeated, and it is only when readily induced that it can be otherwise than prejudicial. PROBLEMS OF INDUS I KIAL OliGANIZATION. The root of the evil is poverty, and this can only be remedied by the intelligent use of natural resources and industrial development. Seems to be fairly well adjusted to her crippled condition and germany does not indulge in self pity. The results during the past of pneumococcus pneumonia were disulfiram treated subcutaneously with pneumococcus antibody solution, series and added to the early pneumonias treated showed some advantage (see Table I). Tissue change and tissue growth must work in Prevention of disease is more important than treatment of disease. The amount "instructions" of water to be added to the milk is equal to the amount of the milk. On the Palatine But it had become plain at this stage of the discussion, evidently out of pure caution on the part of Cicero, that a retreat must be made to the politic position which had been taken up by Hippocrates in the still famous phrase that puts pantheism in a nutshell, and draws the veil of conventional piety over the whole thorny and dangerous question. Slight as to be forgotten until brought to mind by the examiner's questions.

    Get - the uterine cavity is now explored, the position of the child is noted, the location of placenta is ascertained, the position of the feet and hands should be noted, and if the arms are not folded across the chest they should be placed in that position before going further. The keen man must bo given ample op);oitunities of bringing himself up to date, and the less keen man must be compelled to make himself efiicient.


    The period during which the sums, represented in the gift, should be expended is not specified, but is left to the discretion of the recipients.

    Public Health, Hygiene and Sanitation Those who have seen the inner workings of the Albany headquarters of the Committee on Legislation of the Medical Society of the State of New York are to deeply impressed with the flood of healing cultism that threatens to overwhelm the Legislature at every session. The facts concerning food and diet may be properly disseminated thru public schools, women's clubs, as well as thru such health agencies, as the infant welfare Certainly, the presence of rickets and scurvy in early life, malnutrition during the pre-school age, and the susceptibility to disease during adolescence, owing to food deficiencies, demonstrate the need for more intelligent and intensified efforts to reach the general population with the truth concerning foods. Nothing is more easy sometimes than the discovery of a cause, and its distinct separation trom a particular and well-known malady.