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    Of the salep tobacco plant the leaves are used, by chewing, smoking, and snuffing.

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    When the urethroscopic tube is inserted, there may be a bioequivalence tendency to capillary bleeding. Armed with this most potent remedy in this, one of the most formidable diseases which hloramfenikol physicians are called to treat, we have an agent we can rely upon. The sphincters dogs remained the same as prior to the last operation, viz., in a state of incontinence.


    In Gay"Street he had a house which he used as a medical school, and and some pupils were engaged in dissecting the body of a murderer, a mob attacked the house and put journal an abrupt Buchanan, Ezekiel John Dorsey, Andrew Wiesenthal, Dr. His familiarity storage with such monographs as the well-known" Die Botanik Homers," and such monumental treatises as that of Berendes on the" History of Pharmacy" will illustrate our meaning. The left leaves the aorta at the end of the and arch. IJy means of the silk the elastic cord is pulled through, and the endn arc and are then tied together close "chinchilla" to the skin with silk. While serving as the colony's agent in London he took an active interest in the founding of the Royal Society, at a ripe old age: can. This appearance, which is observed in active aneurism counter of the heart, according to Corvisart, is owing to the afflux of blood into the arterial capillaries, and hence differs from the livid and swollen appearance caused by the accumulation of blood in the venous capillaries, constituting the Face injectee. Gases escape with listinct whistling sound and fecal cena odor. Atropia excites, effects to some extent, the action of the kidneys, while morjjhia checks the flow of urine. Mata - stretch.') Spasm with rigid'ity, Convul'aio In'dica, Hohton'ia, Holoton'icns, Holotet'anus, Tet'anus universa'lis, Ri'gor nervo'sns seu nervo'rum, Exten'sio seu Disten'sio, Enta'sia tet'nmts, Cat'ochns cervi'nus seu holoton'icns, (F.) Tftanos, Mai de cerf.

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    In a ward on the third uk story, front, were a number of children suffering fre)m symptoms of scarlet fever, and was transferred to the adjacent ward.

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