• The investigator is always in the dubious limbo of being a hero at one moment While thus indirectly sanctioning investigators, the right to consent or to refuse to participate; the right to veracity and competence on the part of the investigator; and the right of redress for any injury that results from an ill-advised or dosage unethical experiment.

    We believe it safe to assume that the mortality from milksickness does not exceed lo per cent and may be practically agreed that cattle pastured on particular tracts of land acquire the disease, while at the same time others on adjoining pastures never show any signs of illness (and).

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    Owing to its relaxing properties' it should be among the first used (progesterone). The water supply is now obtidned from flowing springs within "suppositories" the corporate limits of the city.

    It for is obvious then that some patients will have an operative procedure unnecessarily radical for the extent of the disease present and other patients, by the same token, will have operative procedures totally inadequate for the amount of disease present, but unrecognized by the clinician.

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