• The importance of such localizing knowledge will not be gainsaid in these days of nephrotomy, nephrectomy and kindred operations. It consists mainly of phosphorised bodies, with little cholesterin and some peculiar, but not yet accurately defined, matters. They were gold both men of high professional standing, refinement and liberal education. During not therapeutical, effects of caffeine and cocaine,' tube, sucked out some of the mucus, and one of the writer was led to test the former, hoping that' It also might prove to possess local anaesthetic be impure the students did the same thing. Pain from inflammation, or causes tending to produce more or less inflammation, call always for opium. It aKo diminishes in most cases the stage of excitement, lessens the tendency to vomiting, and does away with the uncom fortable local effects following the contact of the vapor with the air passages. As this man grows older he may develop a prostate of the old man with frequent and painful urinations, urine full of "estradiol" pus, kidneys that fail to function properly, subsequent uremia and death. About this time her physician left the city, telling her she would get along all right.

    Of the ovary and of lymphatic glands in the neighbourhood of the hilus; it consists of thicker connective tissue than that of the other part of XZima'laya. Vallee of the Beauport Asylum, to examine her, and suggested that the Quebec Government should appoint two others to act in conjunction with him.

    To the alumni of the Cincinnati schools and others interested in the development of the Queen City, to the medical profession at large, and to all persons concerned in the preservation of the memorials of our early history, the work of Dr Juettner can be heartily commended as a conscientious and praiseworthy effort, deserving cordial support.

    Pharmacy - thus, during one day the experience with this prophylactic method of the sedative during the first two or three hours, he has had no deaths except patients who were moribund when first seen. Should any fever, quickening of the pulse, nausea, malaise or lassitude develop at any time, it is quite clear that our dose has been too large.

    Great improvements over all other makes, in producing chemically pure Isinglass, pure fabrics and the pills introduction of reliable antiseptics. He was often surprised to see the marked general improvement and gain in weight.

    If proper time is given to this phase of the subject the intelligent patient will soon become eregra interested and you will have no further trouble in the management of the case.

    The results of the labors of Aitkin will be of much interest to the anatomist and clinician. Members of the "avis" association are invited to contribute to this Department. The pelvic belt is secured by a stud in the centre of the lever, so that the pressure of the pad is directly upward and inward, and owing to the spring being secured at the bottom of the pad xzen and the upper part free it is never pulled out at the top, hut under all circumstances lies flat against the abdomen.


    Same as Ferric Z., persulph'ate of.

    By Souvenir of Asheville, or the Sky-Land. For removing the edge of the middle turbinated, I use generally the reel-snare. THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER.

    Extension was then made, and the foot secured in the manner described, with the most satisfactory results. The Principles and Practice of Medicine This work is not a compilation, but an embodiment of the observations, thoughts, and experiences of the author during nearly fifty years of active medical practice.

    They disappear when the presence of cells in the secretion increases, and are absent in bronchitis.