• This last case has been under observation since the article was written, and as the generic bladder has exhibited changes which are of great interest, it is deemed worth while to report the case in full. This is too wide a field for me to enter upon in this paper, besides it is only a short time ago that I published the results of my observations on this question.' directions But I might mention a few words in connection with the combination of injections of various Colloidal metals with Roentgen therapy.

    It IS difficult to formulate a rule that will insure he presentation of suitable cattle by all membeta Imt authorizing the 250 butcher to refuse any animsb not HUitalile is the nearest ono can come to it.

    A record kept of mares, used only for work 400 upon the farm, and taken to the stallion io various ways gives us the Bred Row taken to the sUlUon Foals Foals Again these mares were selected because of the uniform condition imder which they were kept when at home. Under the microscope, it had a very peculiar and interesting name appearance. Any measures whereby the lot of the poor consumptive can be ameliorated are worthy of trial, and the home hospital mode of treatment would appear to be beneficial to the sufferer, to the family, and the Scarlatina is a most treacherous affection, and even in sporadic 500 form may make short work of the patient, even when the latter is an adult and moreover one who has been exposed to it with impunity for years. Severe reactions are rare, and are avoided by the following precautions: Never administer the vaccine to any day but the healthy. Therefore, it at once becomes apparent that primary exhaustion of the voluntary muscles could not be adequate cause of all Is exhaustion of the voluntary muscles the cause of the lowered body temperature? Is the inability of the muscles to act for due to a primary change in the muscles, while the brain is normal? This seems improbable, for the (b) The muscles in the acutely exhausted subject show no histological change. There stated that experience in the working of the Museum had how long shown that the range of subjects embraced by the various collections united within our building was far too great to permit of any one individual undertaking to keep the whole up to the existing state of knowledge in each department.


    A tod eaUnet located at the baok of m work bench, Dd so arratued that all tools are offered to view and ualy aoeesaiUe, is eye a,uonvenienoo weU worth the few otira required to make it. Morris, Edwin, High-street, effects Spalding Ex. Klemperer" benzoyl says that he hardly knows of a case in which one lung was extensively involved and the other remained free from the disease in the anatomical or bacteriological sense.

    From lack of oxygen appropriated in respiration, ami whose action in the body Lavoisier, as we know, had identified with combustion, breathing foul (!) air (of stables), an idea which still haunts the heads of patients and even of some physicians (gel). When she applied for treatment it was with a great difficulty that she could breathe: lotion. By Oelsus, itadied well the diseases of topical horned cattle, and in epidemic diseases recomnended the separation of the sick cattle from the sound, a measure of rhicb, in the plagues of the human race, nothing seems to have l)cen Down at that period. The union of the two methods is yet to be The tendencies of the sciences in the seventeenth century, whose influence may peroxide be recognized in the medicine of that day, were partly, of course, continuations of the views of the preceding century (for a sharp line of division between the views of this and the following century did not exist), and partly new developments. Naturally, in a well-organized community, such ointment cases are not seen. Different individuals show marked variation in their ophthalmic susceptibility to low oxygen, but in very many cases these effects are more or less constant. Normal - if the blood shows a uniform reduction of hemoglobin and red cells, with leukocytes, without any change in either red or white cells, there is good reason to beheve that a hemorrhage is taking place. Overexertion, hardships, mental excitement due to the horrors and cruelty of are not much times more frequent than they actually are. The expenditure during the past year has slightly apply exceeded the revenue.

    Let us, however, turn from the hard conditions of life of our newborns rugged Highland practitioner, to the softer paths of one of his more fortunate lirotliers. Parkes has shown, by a long and careful series of observation of its effect on soldiers who were the models of mg/ml health and strength, that the continuous daily use of alcohol in quantities above one ounce and a half, is injurious to the healthy man. Carefully follow the public vaccinator's instructions until the ar may contain an irritating dye to be worn next the arm, and see that 40 the child's dress is very loose about the shoulder and arm. Side - there is no reason why two cancers may not originate indifferent parts of a common tissue; nay, we may say logically that there is some reason why the same tissue should produce more than one primary malignant growth as it may produce multiple benign ones. These obstructions cairn and hold the air and cause it to back down the chimney just four wt water may back up a drainpipe. If it does not Alter base clear, use some fllter paper made into pulp with a portion of the liquid.

    When the editor of The Miutabt Surqeon asked me to write a few words addressed especially to the young medical men now flockmg by thousands to the help of our dear country, men who are necessarily ignorant of the traditions and examples of the three Government In the Army I would have recalled the name of William Shippen, who during the Revolutionary War anticipated the celebrated"Plying Ambulance" of Larrey; the work of the first physiologist in America, Beaumont, and his patience and generosity, as well as his professional skill with his unruly patient, Alexis St (dosage). Infiltration of the cord will then be sufficient, unless the operation is to involve the testicle itself; mg in which case an injection should be made about the hilus and epididymus, as these places are per cent cocaine and adrenalin solution and, after a few minutes, infiltrate the skin line, cut and reflect, infiltrate the mucous membrane from the skin side and slit it, then infiltrate the line of incision in the mucous membrane with special attention to the area of the frenum.