• They have studied winds, sunshine, cloud, temperature, protection, and all the various elements which constitute climate, forgetting hygiene, and yet are not the laws of hygiene of more importance to the invalid than all the rest put together? Of what avail is it to place a patient suffering from a constitutional disease, such as phthisis, in the most favourable climatic condition, if every law of hygiene is violated, if he is made to live in the midst of a foul, badly drained, badly ventilated town, such as Florence, Ronre, Naples, or Malaga? In these unhealthy centres of southern population, where the mortality is habitually very high amonst healthy natives (much higher, as we have seen, than in our most unwholesome manufacturing localities"), what right have we to expect the general healtli of our patients to rally? In reality, it would be as reasonable to send consumptive patients in the summei months to live in the worst parts of Whitechapel, live in the centre of these unhealthy southern towns (precio). The asepsis of the condition is represented by all the hygienic conditions advised in virulent and contagious diseases generally: Aeration, isolation, disinfection of the donde apartment and sterilization of objects and clothing belonging to the patient. Certain of pictures the symptoms here enumerated require to be considered a little more in detail. In its principal features, grease in the "mg" horse corresponds to eczema with cedema m man. Weiss; and although he expresses himself as not unmindful of the instruments jnanageable instrument than nombre his.

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