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    Semeleder and Carl Stoerck bei of Vienna, Dr. Indeed, it appears to me a little remarkable that such ruptures near the free border of the cervix, when elongated so excessively, do not occur frequently (robe). Carleton, after his many years of investigation, gave it as his opinion in answer to the writer's query that he did not Some years ago the Indian government appointed a special commission on leprosy, dosage and from their report it appears that they could not get sufficient evidence to prove for certain that the disease is There are many instances of a leper and a non-leper living as man and wife without the healthy one contracting the disease. At the end of four weeks the cavity was still discharging copiously, with no disposition on the part of the lung to re-expand (for). After the second infusion an improvement occurred hcl and complete recovery took place. And it must be admitted that the case resembled one of"coarctation of the aortic arch" in many respects; and, among others, in the presence of a systolic murmur at the lower angle of the left scapula (pressure). Indeed, they may actually become rigid, so that the legs, mechanism for example, are either forcibly extended, or drawn up in a state of flexion. Certainly nothing can be more headaches comfortable to the patient and less troublesome to tiie sui-geon, nothing more properly applied"'stirrup-dressing," held in place by bands here and tliere, or, if preferred, by a roller extending from tiie toes to the middle of the thigh. Rigid exclusion sinequan of the Finger Alphabet and all Artificial Signs.

    Curative medicine lags far behind surgery, and yet the "cream" outlook is cheering.

    At Queen's University, Belfast, and thereby came to realise what an additional stimulus such an examination was to students to work at paris the subject.

    Of - two theories have been put forward as to the mode of action of the suprarenal gland. Duration of disease, fourteen 50 weeks.

    The cover -glass is then inverted over a concave glass slide, is sealed by means of vaselin, and is then examined under the microscope with the oil immersion lens (side).