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    Each case is followed by a general discussion of the ethical problems involved, including reference to the philosophical material covered in the first part of the book; but at no time do the editors or contributors give answers; they leave it up to the reader in each case to form "mg" his This is a readable, enjoyable, and thought provoking book.

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    Marked fatty degeneration of the liver cells at tin' periphery of the lobules is present and there'.ire many islets of infiltration with -mall tab round cell- of low grade of intensity in the interlobular septa. The seeming confusion of ideas of treatment in the midst of such an epidemic as we have just experienced in New York and vicinity, together with the mystery of the source of this danger, has brought about a sort of panic in what the minds of the laity, which has been stimulated by the many fanciful theories published in the papers. Tabletten - many medical articles are written extolling the virtues of atropine, says an editorial writer in the Med, World, As a matter of fact, however, we believe this alkaloid has no wide spread use. In proportion to the excess of force parches in the remedy employed, will be' the consequent re-action; may I not therefore with reason, insist on the importance of that law, which restricts the activity of our remedies, and'' which renders them eflicient oidy when employed with a degree of force inferior to that of the disease they are destined to remove? With regard to the immediate subject of remedies, they are either' internal or external, the latter being local or general.

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