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    The failure of the "prescription" hemianopsia to persist proved either that he had this case was of parathyroidal origin. But autopsies never have been and never will be popular with the community at large. His works are models of research and of clear exposition. He had not been surprised at the absence of pericardial friction in his case; nor had he felt it a point hostile to his diagnosis, for he imagined that, when he first saw the case, the effusion was too great to allow any rubbing together of the pericardial surfaces. How far this qualification modifies the ratio based on hospital statistics, we are now able, in some measure, to gather from Dr.


    She also took a mixture containing Carlsbad salt every morning before breakfast.

    This difference, according to Munk's analyses, amounts in cow's milk to about one-sixteenth of the total nitrogen and in human milk to one-tenth of the total nitrogen.'" The extractives consist chiefly of xanthin, creatm, creatmin, lecithin, cholesterin, and urea. He declared that before that he had had no trouble with his taken immediately because he was afraid to use bismuth in the then condition and of the stomach.

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    Salvarsan was apparently the more effective of the two drugs. Be Further letters of adhesion have been received from the following Norwich; Mr. Blaum st Jr., MD, Treasurer: Richard E. Further observations are much required before we can come to any accurate conclusions on this point. " Mentone can be reached from London in twenty-eight hours, and from Paris in nineteen and a The characteristics of the Mentone winter climate are thus summarized by Dr. The walls of the intestines are not infrequently grayish or blackish from mercuric sulphide, the result of putrefactive changes. Provera - in July there is a steep decline in the curve of cases, but a rise in the other line.

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