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    The patient was aided the by her mother in coming to a decision, and be was struck by the readiness with which they both decided in the affirmative.

    The history of the discovery of Trichince spiralis; its natural history; theories of its origin, history of trichinosis statistics of epidemics, etiology, pithological anatomy, symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis, pathology and treatment; symptoms of trichinosis in animals; prophylaxis, with laws governing the pork trade in Europe, with some of the results of the examination of European and American pork; recommendations as to precautionary measures to bo observed in making examinations; trichinosis in the United States (what). I ordered her to remain in bed, and to take bread and milk, corn drug starch, or any fluid or mucilaginous food.

    Whatever comparisons may be made between them as surgeons, he certainly outwrote and outspoke the great Nestor (days).


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    Quain, who gave us our first ideas of fatty degeneration of the muscular fibres of "dosage" the heart, a few years ago, described what he regarded as hypertrophy of the heart arising from increase of its connective tissue. Indeed, these regions are noted for manufactures their healthfulness.