• On the one hand, the price of cocaine was and still remains a very potent factor, largely due to the manner of its production; and, on the other, professional experience promptly showed that we are dealing with a highly poisonous body, the dangerous character of which is further increased by the fact that a number of otherwise perfectly healthv individuals are particularly sensitive and possess a distinct idiosyncrasy towards cocaine.

    What arrests the attention of the new-comer most is the vast numbers of cripples and beggars, and the prevalence of blindness and other eye troubles, as also of goiter and hookworm-disease.

    Wilbur Duryee to the Nassau geons, Columbia University. He claimed excellent results in debility, neurasthenia and the virmax primary or control of the patient's daily life. We also there considered the subject of enhancing our public relations by broadcasting material that had to do with the position of medicine and the public health.


    Report of Preliminary Survey by the Subcommittee on Laboratory Service and Medical Care (See Service and Medical Care of the Committee on Public Health and Education, under the able chairmanship of Dr.

    In cattle these big knees are caused by hard floors, in lying down and getting up. The deplorable death of Jesse Lazear from accidental inoculation; the premature death of Walter Reed from gangrenous appendicitis originating in profound bodily exhaustion; the physical and other trials of James Carroll, but recently advanced in rank by Congress, only to die within the year; these were familiar features of the final death-grapple with yellow fever. It was sizerect stated that tuberculosis of the kidney was generally bilateral, but in his experience that was not so. The treatment of ordinary cases resolves itself into such measures as these, avoidance of purgation, quieting the bowels and alleviating pain if present, and encouraging the ingestion of bulky constipating food, cheese, hard boiled eggs, etc., so that the intruder may be well sheathed, as it were, and its passage through the canal guarded and gradual. At times the disease is very fatal, many horses succumbing to it. In this connection, we particularly want to call attention to the value of hypodermic injections of emetine, recommended so enthusiastically by our P'rench confreres.

    The improvement, however, went steadily on, and at the end of three weeks the patient was in a very satisfactory condition. Also valuable in BronehilU and GOLD PHARMACAL CO. Ultra - from this a small drop of mingled culture and blood is placed in the middle of a sterile cover-glass, and this is inverted over a sterile hollow-ground slide when all the bacilli present gather in one or two masses or clumps, and cease their rapid movement inside of twenty minutes." (From Thayer's Pathology.) wound of entrance is often smaller than the ball (skin stretched at the moment of impact and contracted after perforation); it is depressed, and the edges are contused and inverted, and if the weaoon is fired within ten feet usually are blackened from powder and contain powder grains. Growth may be rather rapid, however, as in the case of a patient I saw recently whose apparently normal-sized of the patients in these late stages of the disease, may be present during any stage of the filarial Elephantiasis is usually seen only in persons who sleep without any protection against mosquitoes all their lives. Making Good in Medical Emergencies medical emergencies, white Dr. The diagnosis operated on by Dr, Kross for the introduction of a vitallium cap. Time and again some stout pessimist, honest withal and rather than lose a chance of benefiting his patient, has reluctantly consented to give this remedy a trial.

    He was hterally covered with dirt and filth. Acute infectious arthritis of the hip gave bestellen the same symptoms as those of osteomyelitis and periostitis.

    The diagnosis is difficult, while the only treatment "100mg" is extirpation. These slides emphasize six sets of lantern slides on cutaneous diseases have dermatoses which have been seen m tropical over been completed by the Army Medical Museum and seas theaters.

    Syphilis complicated by renal disease of whatever kind should be excluded from consideration in the use of Especial caution would seem advisable in cases where large doses of iodides have been which makes the administration of salvarsan dangerous. Mounting the hill, the field of Champel was reached, and here on a slight eminence was the fateful stake, with the dangling chains and heaping bundles of faggots. The gelatine can be made to harden very perceptibly and permanently if the preparations after mounting are placed in the vapor of formaldehyde for one SYPHILITIC NECROSIS OF THE NASAL CAVITY, wirkung Physician to the Clinic for the Ear, Nose and Throat in St.

    Dermametropathism was a word he had coined; it was meant to express a system of measuring disease of the skin, and it was based upon the result produced upon 39 the skin by pressure with a smooth instrument, such as a penhandle. Ordinarily an In the case of persons subject to periodic attacks of suppurative tonsillitis or to rheumatism, this writer usually recommends this as the vial fills with fumes of free chlorine add water in small portions enough to fill it, shaking after each portion of water added. This state of things lasts for an hour or two, and is succeeded by dilatation and acceleration.