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    In testing a horse for its wind, it is usually the practice with some to place it against a wall, and threaten it with the whip; if after it grunts, it is further tested; if not, it is merely made to cough hy pressing the larynx, and if the cough has a healthy sound the animal is generally passed sound.

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    In cases, however, where we feel that there is australia a reasonable prospect that we can remove all the disease, what are the facts and reasons which should influence us in our decision between colotomy and excision? There can be no doubt but that colotomy is the safer operation of the two, so far as the deatlirate is concerned, and were there in either case no prospects of cure or of long immunity from disease, then beyond question it should always be preferred to excision. Then follow, in quick succession, the symptoms enumerated in the definition, several of which I have drawn culiarlj distressing, and the patient can "order" obtain no rest but in an erect posture; while even in this condition he oflen starts suddenly in his sleep, calls vehemently for the windows to be opened, and feels in danger of suffocation. Paypal - when the limits of the physiological are passed, and a man enters on a pathological state of mind, we are often utterly unable to tell the exact line where the one ends and the other begins. It is not unlikely, therefore, that they had also arrived at the recognition before by observations on many patients that the satisfactory after-course of these cases which were operated on by the surgeon after due regard to such meticulous cleanliness as is suggested in the paragraph I have quoted, made it very clear that these aseptic precautions, as we would call them, were extremely important for the outcome of the case and, therefore, were well worth the surgeon's attention, though they must have required very careful precautions and considerable self-denial.

    If, in therefore, we could imagine all our possible colour hue perceptions so disposed round the periphere of a circle that those which are complementary were exactly opposite eacli other, we should find tliat tlie directions of tlie diameter representing the exact hues for which different individuals were blind differ. Microscopic examination with was kindly made by Dr.


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