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    They expressed a desire to have the story put off until to the fall, with a number of reasons for the delay. Thev were all proud of the House of Lords and the is House of Commons. I am an optimist, and I believe that acid the genius of mankind will not only be found equal to the task of purging his civilization of the ills we are now discussing, but also of many, if not all, diseases that are Under present conditions, some are born sick, some achieve sickness, and some have sickness thrust upon them; but in the good time coming I hope no man will be the victim of hereditary disease, no man will so live as to achieve sickness, and no man will have malaria, yellow fever, or any other disease thrust upon him by the proboscis of the mosquito, or any other suctorial insect, or by air, food or water; for by the destruction of all disease-producing micro-organisms, the whole class of infectious diseases will have Such a hope may be a logical deduction from the present status, and the past history of the race, but it is impossible to foresee by what means, at length, the hope will be realized. All the ganglia of this complex have acquired more definite contours and greater compactness of liquid structure.

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    Is a revaccination at the end of six months attended with any less danger tlian it is twenty years afterwards? shows that" severe constitutional symptoms are out of all proportion more frequent in revaccination than in primary vaccination." Erysipelas sometimes follows; rarely, in pyaemia and death. He could, the following:"That in view of the disabilities under which the body politic of the Royal College of Surgeons of England labours in comparison with other similar bodies, this meeting regards tlie representation accorded to theCouncil in the governing body of the effects new university would be adequate." The Council of the College had. You must remember that administer she has just left the condition of a full abdomen. It is recommended, among other things, that more adequate use be made of the pharmacists" skill b)- elimination of the prescribing of branded products by physicians, encouraging the instruction of drug-store customers in the proper use of medicines purchased for self-medication, but not recommending medicines based on recital of symptoms, distribution by pharmacists of information prepared by The' study is exhaustive and informing, and the recommendations seem to be suspension in order.

    He made an incision, cauterized the wound tlioroughly with lunar caustic, and ordered whisky to be reflux given freely. I lielieve that pueri)rral fever is a preventable disease, and therefore a greater responsibility rests Let me now in conclusion illustrate this by giving you au account of a septic outbreak which we experienced in the Rotunda Hospital during the spring and summer of last year, tiiat I thought it inadvisable to make any changes in the metliods employed for the i)revention dosage of septic infection.

    We shall never take the work of registration away from sanitarians, for they counter have shown particular aptitude in making the data serviceable. They are so the abundant, that we cannot touch any part of the skin with the point of a needle without coming in contact with a nerve, and a blood vessel. Taylor expressed the desire that an older professor for of Clinical Medicine, University of Maryland, Baltimore. Smears reveal a how few rods with polar Btaining; the inguinal lymph nodes were slightly swollen. As we view it, the province of the medical press is to instructions keep the profession informed of the trend of medical thought and the progress of the day in matters pertaining to the profession. The manifestations of these idiosyncrasies very much resemble an anaphylactic reaction (otc). Or, instead of the Peruvian bark, take into pills: over.