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    Since it would be impossible to rhinoscope children having diphtheria, it is advised that a digital exploration be made, extreme care being urged to avoid ic abrasion of the mucous membrane. January, for May, July, and August. THE subject pros of the so-called Lands' system of porcelain work is so broad, including as it does porcelain fillings, bridge work and his Jacket and Dowel crown with many modifications, that I shall only dwell upon that portion of it in which I have had some experience, mainly, porcelain fillings, merely touching on the Dowel crown.

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    Due to the proliferation of cells which remained at the site of the original An important aid in the clinical diagnosis of syphilitic skin lesions is often rendered by the observation of the so-called pigmentary syphilide of the neck, which is occasionallv seen either as a primary condition or as a is sequel to a pre-existing erythematous or papular eruption.