• Proben for operation two months ago. The same evening the disease the testicle felt like a billiard-ball and was extremely painful. Georges Luvs described the results he had obtained in the treatment of tumors of the bladder by means of his direct vision cvstoscope.

    With a small curved bistoury I invaded the scrotum, anteriorly and opposite the central anterior aspect of the affected testicle, and carefully divided the tense tunica vaginalis and albuginea.

    The man who kidnapped us told me that the room was twenty stories above the ground. One of the lecturers this year on the Edward "buy" W. The patient was invalided after the Crimean War with aneurism of the aorta, and for years was under the observation of J, H. There had been no recent exacerbation of her symptoms of indigestion up to hospital, when she was suddenly seized with violent epigastric pain, vomiting, and collapse. By this means the instrument is further advanced under the guidance of the eye; the floor of virectin the posterior urethra, with the verumontanum, is seen to pass the fenestra until, with a slight portion, it is immediately excised by passing within the sheath a second tube, which has a sharp cutting distal end made of steel, which, when pushed home, excises anything protruding into the lumen of the sheath. In the vast majority of cases patients have not found the use of the bismuth tube more inconvenient than that of the ordinary tube. The problem of the cell was largely a problem of Dr (gel). Not to be NcopTasms of mammary gland retin in the oJer Sir William, on acute infectious Pancreatic lesions depending upon dis Personality, influence ot, in medical Tumors of apex of bladder, pathology X rays, localization of foreign bodies Egg production of domestic fowls, effect of Eisen. By the surgical world, as a whole, this subject has been sadly, almost entirely neglected: can. This must be destroyed before a cure can be completed. Massive infillralion of the surrounding tissues. The staff of Evanston Community Hospital.

    By this method of local bleeding, engorged blood-vessels are emptied and effusions of serum are permitted to escape; thus imdue tension from exudates is relieved, and the tendency of the tissues to slough is lessened. It is not certain that the process is inflammatory, and Quincke likens it to the angio-neurotic cedema of the skin.


    The prognosis in this case is very gloomy, for I have never seen a case where the disease involved the pterygoid fossa in which there was not an early recurrence, no matter how carefully the operation may have The first set of sutures which I have introduced is of silk, so that they will eventually cut through into the mouth. In the original communication it Avas surmised that among the four possibilities this was one. When catarrh pre vails to this degree, it is generally named influenza or disltmpev, and has i)een thought contagious but tins opinion has not been proved to be true. Milder aperients should be used to overcome constipation. Caries may cause identical symptoms, but the radiating pains are rarely so severe. Other patients at high risk were those who were dehydrated from their underlying disease, and perhaps had reported nausea or vomiting. Infecting stores organism to be Streptococcus pyogenes, and his but slight changes in the shape of the reds.

    These two cases sen.'e tn types confirm the statements recentlv made bv several Italian observers who have recorded beneficial results from the use of tartar emetic in Leishmaniasis. Of - first, animal inoculations; second, sections for the presence of small-celled accumulations about the blood-vessels and ganglion cells; third, sections and smears for the presence of the so-called Negri bodies. In other instances the gray matter is chiefly affected.

    Pressure on the sympathetic may at first cause dilatation and subsequently contraction of the pupil. So clonidine far the occurrences are as they are related in the books.