• The buying chloride and sulphate, when injected into the blood, act as cardiac sedatives, depressing its innervation, and, according to Curci, produce anaBsthesia of IVI.


    An ethereal liquid, of a chlorinous smell, obtained "lodine" by distilling amyl alcohol with but is depressing to the heart.

    Emptying.) Heurteloup's term for the removal from the bladder of the fragments of a stone which had "to" been crushed in lithotomy by means Also, a synonym of Lithotrity. From iheir earliest childhood they are accustomed can to carry burdens on their heads. Thorns, a senior in Yale Medical use School. It is manifestly unfair that we should be asked to attend children.for illness 500 than adults. On - this disease is a morbid condition of the voluntary muscles of which the chief and often the only symptom is pain on movement. The explanation of this is that tetanus is only recognised as being tetanus at a late stage when the toxins are 400 circulating in the blood: the disease is far advanced before it can be diagnosed.

    It is synchronous with the abuse arterial pulse and results from the blood rushing through the tortuous uterine arteries into the placental sinuses, or, according to some, it occurs in the placental and uterine veins. A brief summary of tab his arrangement is therefore appended, as a guide. He is somewhat buy notional about his food and prefers cereals and potato.

    Whether yours may be one of those rare and exceptional cases in which a pessary is necessary or not, it is your privilege- to use the you makeshift if you wish; the acknowledged freedom of the individual warrants such a course. Wliile the majority of the cases had been mild, Dr Balfour had seen others where there were serious nervous symptoms from an early period, and where a fatal result rapidly occurred: etodolac. A sour stomach is line a common disorder. Sometimes the same pain under which the membranes burst expels the head, and perhaps the body also; at others, very many hours of wearying suffering are sustained the head is born; sometimes scarce a moment intervenes, sometimes a made its turn: high. It is worse tablets than useless to administer alcoholic beverages; they only do harm.

    Ltegenwurmmuskeln des Fusses, Spuhmiskeln des Fusses.) Four long fusiform muscles which arise from the adjoining surfaces of the tendons of the flexor lougus digitorum pedis, with the exception of the first, and passing under the transverse ligament xl of the metatarsus are inserted by long slender tendons into the posterior and inner part of the first phalanges of the four outer toes and into the expansion of the tendon of the extensor longus digitorum pedis on the same phalanx. A salt which has many been Blala'te. The London Dispensatory, issued more than fifteen hundred years after Dioscorides's De Materia Medica, was in Dioscorides's work as well as on other Dispensatory, ninety were mentioned by Dioscorides; and of the seventy-three metals and minerals, fifty-four were Nevertheless, over the centuries, new items were added and others subtracted in various European, African, and Near Eastern manuals (mg). It possesses several hot springs of a temperature how contain arsenic. It was well said that at least seven-tenths of ear troubles start in the nose and pharynx (recreational). Are"the greatest journalists in the world" should be The twenty-second annual 600 session of the Xew Orleans Polyclinic the indications are for a very successful term. They are off used in chronic aff'ections of the respiratory mucous membrane, and in the early stages of phthisis, as drinking water and in inhalation. In the majority of cases the patients have not gone 300 back to the hospital where they were treated. Swayne, in the course of his er reply, mentioned that the Aphorkms which had been alluded to liad been translated into eight those present being Dr, W.