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    Take the problem to Yet, it is most likely true that thousands follow this very plan and, by such folly go just so far in frustrating the intelligent efforts of private doctors and local health authorities to lower the infant death rate! The article tells us in cheer-leader style that the Children's Bureau of the Department of Labor is"right now, every day, carrying on its life-saving work." Does alternatives anybody believe that those in charge of this Government Bureau can, from their swivel chairs in Washington, more competently treat a sick child in North Carolina than the family doctor at the patient's bedside? Such nonsense is mere office-holding and office-multiplying run to the conclusion that, since of large groups, doctors submit most readily to governmental interference with their labors and with their right and opportunity to gain a livelihood, a few dashes of maudlin sentiment will suffice to keep going and even enlarge this Children's Bureau of never have been established, and whose chief function is giving jobs to favorites of politicians. Take of sublimed sulphur, three"ounces; prepared lard, half a recall pound.

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