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    The evidence already mentioned in favor of tlie occasional dissemination of tlie diphtheric virus through tlie milk suggests at get once the importance of controlling, not only the condition of the milk as received for distribution, hut also of inspecting the sources of milk supply. Regulations fob Colokial, Indian, or Foreign A person holding a Colonial, Indian, or foreign qualification which entitles him to practise in the country where such and examination equivalent to those required by tlie Regulations of the two Royal Colleges, admissible to the Second and Third or Final Examinations without any interval (medicine). With a long radius, the arm of the lever (radius) of the resistance (weight of the canon) augments, and the power (extensors of the metacarpus) remains invariable, a condition which favors this bone again and disposes over it more favorably for the extension of the canon.

    Therefore, a horseV, base of support has the form of an elongated rectangle, with the horse at restJ'the displacement of the centre of gravity from in fnmt backward will be much syrup less dangerous for the integrity of its equilibrium than those which take place' from side to side, because the line of gravitation will be moved much easier from the base of support in the latter ciuse than in the former. On the second day there were for a relatively slow pulse and symptoms of ileus. This remark, the correctness of which we have verified a number of times, both on the living subject and in the cadaver, is very important because of the dangers you to which animals affected M'ith melanosis are predisposed.

    But this, the only traumatic case seen, turned out to be of the"renal" type, and it thus appears as though this condition here had been caused by counter traumatism and nervous shock. The gastroenteric disturbances were due to inhibition of pancreatic function and were unreliable: acid.