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    Cleland and Campbell conclude therefore that the disease, from the anatomical standpoint may be called"acute encephalomyelitis." They point out that it resembles"acute poliomyelitis" and"encephalitis lethargica" inasmuch as the responsible, undiscovered virus has an evident affinity for the central nervous system; probably requires incubation therein, under favorable conditions, to perfect its nocive power, and produces histological changes which follow the hlood vessels, hence suggesting that all three diseases may be due to mutants of the one virus (in). Irregularly tab shaped cafe au lait spots (coast of Maine) indicate the McCune-Albright syndrome (polyostotic fibrous dysplasia), a well known cause of true precocious puberty.

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    Of those who recovered, five had the combined intraspinal of and intravenous serum treatment, two had intraspinal and one intravenous treatment only.