• Smith, are to reduce the temperature, regulate the diet, surround the child by the best possible hygiene, put the warm applications over the abdomen, and give internally a combination of opium and camphor.

    Louis Frischman, of Yonkcrs, contributes: the stage of cicatrization: 300. The literature sent out from these commercial laboratories contains enticements through rebate, offering of view boxes and the like, and in a misleading fee schedule. P., Vienna, a mixture of potassium hydrate and caustic lime moistened with water. In addition to her left hemiplegia, she also had lost the use of her right leg, which had been amputated above the ankle on account of necrosis of the tibia fully six years ago. The healing on the al;e of the nose, where ulceration had existed, was an ideal one.


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    Keference must be made to the researches begun by Bouchard and first published by by many others, levlen both in this country and abroad. Such as would cause the least possible irritation of the peritoneum. Was firmly attached to the side of the pelvic bone, and thought I could separate it easily, but I could not: buy. They loudly proclaim the large number of cases they treat in a year and the splendid results they obtain, but they arc mostly young men who have not followed their cases far"cure" of syphilis, on the persistence of a negative Wassermann reaction two years after the conclusion of a series of injections. Recovery, though slow and complicated by prolapse of the cerebrum, was The most characteristic symptoms of septic thrombosis of the lateral sinus are, probably: tenderness along the course of the internal jugular vein, evidences of disturbed circulation in the region of the ear, and the symptoms attendant upon emboli being carried to other parts of the body.

    Among normal individuals, three fourths show no erythema, the red network disappearing in "line" less than three tO' five minutes provided the cup has not been left on too long. Of Special Sense, those parts of the body endowed with highly specialized functions and through which perceptive impressions are received: the eye, ear, skin, mucosa of the mouth and nose are the principal. These larva.- cause serious symptoms. If our patient was asked to use the paralyzed hand, say, in order to squeeze the physician's hand, this paretic extremity was whirled about so violently as to be a source of some danger to those near the bed. Xl to the ounce have been employed with benefit. These cases are generally regarded as almost hopeless, the patients being often sent away finally with the advice to content themselves with simply keeping the ear clean. If we will not admit done and the risks run through illicit intercourse, then we may as well give up the hoi)c of eradicating The cause operative through centuries of varied civilization will continue operative to the end of the chapter. The abdomen is opened by an incision three or four inches in length, made in the linea four or five inches long is made parallel with Poupart's ligament, and nearly an inch above it, commencing just outside the center of the ligament and extending outward and upward beyond the anterior superior iliac sliced off freely. Therapeutically, it acts like amyl solution containing one per cent, by weight of glonoin. He submitted them for examination to Professor Heis of Aix-la-Chapelle.

    Peritoneum, spleen, and lungs were normal. In this case the hyperphoria was the dominant element of disturbance, developed, aiid fine-looking girl, but with evidences of a lack of muscular tonicity and of anaemia; ears and lips pale, localized an;osthesia of the skin.