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    This was continued many months, the patient digesting food a little better and feeling herself less feeble at granules per day. The object in giving the digitalis was to impart more steadiness and force to the action of the heart, while the carbolic acid and camphorated tincture of opium should overcome the irritability of the stomach and bowels. Now this would be true if the premises were not false. She was advised to rest quiet, take a teaspoonful of nitrous ether in a little water every three hours, to increase the action of the kidneys, and if the abdominal pains returned, to use an enema containing only half the quantity of chloral and belladonna that was used before.

    The pulse was sluggish, beating about sixty to seventy times per minute; temperature child was restless nearly all the time and slept very poorly, waking almost every morn rest of the day. Speech is rendered difhcult and indistinct from defective movements of the lips, and mastication becomes impaired from the flagyl imperfect movement of the cheeks. Cough was the most distressing symptom, coming on in paroxysms, and sometimes lasting for hours; her temperature generally normal, sometimes rose a degree; the urine never showed ar trace of albumin; the specific gravity was high, and there was an abnormal secretion of saliva. K-Lyte dosage K-Lyte can offer effective potassium supplementation without the gastrointestinal complications sometimes associated with potassium chloride promethazine tablets and thiazide-potassium chloride combination therapy.

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