• Buy - if irritating vapour has set up a spasmodic condition, breathing of steam is useful as well as hot applications to the throat. The character of obstruction can often be determined only by urethroscopic examination, as it is not only stricture which may cause a diminution in the calibre of the urethra; infiltrations in the mucosa length or in the periurethral tissues may impinge on the canal and lead us to erroneous conclusions. Serum treatment was approached with great "counter" hope by those brought into contact with large groups of cases in hospitals, but they had changed their opinion; it did not present a large measure of success, except in the very early cases and those of the ascending type. Their improvements, however, are undoubted; and that tlie student should be able to appreciate their value, and at the same time form for himself correct notions of the nature of dropsy, he must, in the first instance, "to" take a general survey of its pathology. Seminis bumani consideratio pbysico-medicolegalis, qua with ejus natura et usus, insimulque opus generationis ct varia de coitu aliaque buc pertinentia, v. It should be bluish-white, sweetish, and should yield on standing a considerable quantity of cream (no). Among forty-one drained cases, the treatment results could in no way have been bettered by vaginal instead of abdominal drainage.


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