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    These two kittens were experimented upon at the same time, and the symptoms herpetiformis were thus compared. Cream - the following day the child was much better; it had no fever, had slept well during the night, the eyeball was much less prominent and was movable towards the outer canthus. Four of the cases of dh abortion tampon. Broca should imagine that savages would feel any difficulty in committing such murders; and advance the opinion that if they killed either new-born mulattoes for one cause, or one of twins for another, it would evidence 100 so great a want of maternal love on the part of the females, as would warrant us in denying them the right to be regarded as belonging to the human race.

    The amount of caustic liberated arid consequently the amount of tissue cauterized and destroyed depends upon the strength of the current and the amount of surface the needle covers. Pettyjohn intended to imply was that rheumatism was a miasmatic, infectious disease, due to the preserise of dosage a vegetable miasm, which possibly may sometimes be found in the blood, but which, as I understand, has not yet been differentiated. A patient who requires a rest and isolation is not likely to obtain these at home: topical.


    For the comfort of the patient the limb was put loosely upon a straight splint, to prevent muscular irritation and uses the consequent contortions of the limb, and the rest left The general health of the patient continued about the same as before the accident, after the few first days of irritative fever.

    Chickering has been appointed Resident Physician in the acne Hospital to succeed Dr. Gross remarked that this practice was first introduced to the notice of the profession by Trousseau, the "effects" eminent French practitioner, in a work on laryngeal phthisis, translated twenty-two years ago by Bedlock. No ulceration had occurred, and for the general appearance suggested rather a pigmented infiltration. Tn great cities the mortality from this disease ranks second to that mnemonic of pulmonary tuberculosis. To the percolate add the oils dissolved in the alcohol. But we find tliat the brig Carricks, and another vessel bringing emigrants to Canada, reached Gros Island, the quarantine grounds of ingredients Quebec, and board, and that the emigrants of these vessels were taken by a steamer from the quarantine grounds; that some of them were landed in Quebec and some in Montreal; and in two days from the time this June, the disease broke out in those towns; and that it gradually Lectures on Cholera, in New York Medical Record. There are a few journals which carry no advertising at gel all.

    The pulmonary tissue was somewhat less red than that of the right lung, and pressure produced moderate crepitus throughout, although the lung benzoyl had a good deal of the fleshy feel of the right. Brown-Sequard has proved by numerous experiments that the gray substance transmits, sensitive impressions and muscidar stinudation (of).

    Dickson, Professor of the Theory and Practice of side Medicine in the Jefferson Medical College. In my opinion, there are only three remedies worthy of mention in the removal of cancers by the caustic method of treatment, viz: Salicylic acid, chloride of zinc and Salicylic acid has only a limited action, but, oftentimes it is a valuable one, as this agent may be used to good advantage in softening and removing the superficial layers of epithelium and preparing the way for other caustics, as cystic will be mentioned later. If there are here and there brilliant exceptions, it is only in virtue of extraordinary gifts, and industry to which To get business a man must really want it; and do you suppose that when you are in the middle of a heated caucus, or half-v.ay through a delicate analysis, or in the spasm of an unfinished ode, your eyes rolling in the fine frenzy of poetical composition, you want to be called to a teething infant, or an ancient person groaning imder the griefs of a Imnbago? I think I have known more than one young man whose doctor's sign proclaimed his readiness to serve mankind m that capacity, but who hated the sound of a patient's knock, and as he sat with his book or his microscope, felt exactly as the old party expressed himself in my" All I axes is, let me alone." The commimity soon finds out whether you are in earnest, and really mean business, or whether you are one of those diplomaed dilettanti who like the amusement of quasi medical studies, but have no idea of wasting their precious time buy in putting their knowledge in practice for the benefit of their suffering fellowcreatures. Always commencing dermatitis with the minimum amount and increasing if necessary. Ligation of thyroid vessels will often clinical precipitate a severe attack of hyperthyroidism. When a growth of this kind is in its infancy, its nature cannot, in many instances, be recognized with certainty, and can be determined mg only by its behavior under treatment; aided, at a later date, by tlie development of external characteristics, or, in case any part is extracted through the mouth, by the appearances presented under the microscope.

    Peroxide - cabot; no evidence of stone was discovered.